Transgendered Misogyny: Please just STOP

First of all, let’s get this out of the way:  Be whomever, do whatever you want. But harm no one. Don’t stand in the way of benefits and progress for others. You define yourself, but don’t go around insisting to to define others for them, or tell them what to do with their bodies. This is what the pursuit of happiness is about – being YOU. That’s the whole point of “do you, boo.” And creating yourself, defining yourself, doesn’t give you the right to attempt the same with linguistics and nomenclature. Playing semantic games to shame women, and detract from another disenfranchised and historically oppressed group, just exposes you as a misogynist. Claiming uteruses and their owners (real fucking women) are “transphobic” by nature just makes you a self-righteous creep.

One of the most despicable things is when someone takes on a cause for attention and a victim card, or to play activist because they need a shit pot to stir. When you do this, you’re not some honorable social activist, but an attention grabbing whore. By obscuring the very real issue of what exactly transphobia looks like, you cry “wolf.” And crying wolf distracts from the very real and horrific crimes committed by real transphobic bigots. Here’s a Huffington Post list of hate crimes committed against transgender persons:  These are very real, very cruel acts of violence. This is transphobia. And it must stop.

I’ve seen a trend on social media sites involving transgendered people lashing out at women – women who are speaking out for themselves, reproductive rights, and global women’s rights issues. Pages and sites, such as Planned Parenthood, exist to first and foremost help and protect girls and women. That is, those people born with female sex organs – biological females. Interestingly, trolls claiming to be transgender are roaming such sites undermining women’s healthcare, personal autonomy, and civil rights. Claiming biological nomenclature is “transphobic” argues against science and mother nature. Calling women who who refer to female sex organs “transphobic” for using the scientific nomenclature, is not only slanderous, it is incredibly ignorant. It is an example of willful ignorance. And when someone – regardless of whatever the fuck they are – chooses ignorance, they lose the respect and support of educated progressives who would have otherwise stood by them.

n quoteHijacking scientific terms, e.g. the prefixes trans and cis, to purposefully use these as slurs, not only is a gross misuse, but makes transgender vocabulary as superficial and charlatan as the new-age con artists who hijacked the term quantum. Claiming that classifying ovaries and cervices as female sex organs is transphobic, tells us all just how badly you want attention. Medical forms are not transphobic. Medical personnel need to know what your biological sex is – the sex you were born. Why do you have to check male or female? So they can fucking help you, dummy. Dressing as a woman, even having a sex change, is your business. Don’t care. When man believes he was born with a uterus, an actual female organ, this is an example of body dysmorphia. You like your body dysmorphic disorder? Cool. That’s between you and your therapist(s). Again, don’t care. But when man who wants to be a female throws a tantrum because he can’t get a pap smear, someone’s got gender confused with sex. And why the fuck would he want that experience anyway??? Females with female sex organs get pregnant; it’s actual biological females who get pregnant. This shouldn’t be that difficult to grasp, even for those of you who flunked biology. Pretending as if all women’s issues affects all genders and sexes equally is incorrect, and takes away from the issue of providing healthcare and protection to girls and women.

Girls and women are an easy target, so much so that other discriminated groups lash out at us. It’s easier to target an age-old doormat than take down the bully stomping on all of us. It’s unfortunate that some transgender people use the transgender issue in a flippant manner to make sure men are still central, and still more important than women. No one gets a say in a woman’s healthcare/personal choices, which is also a privacy issue. Personal OB/GYN decisions are private. People need to watch playing PC police and throwing around word like “transphobic.” Slander will get you sued. Misusing terms – biological classifications – has nothing to do with the reproductive rights of women – women who are born with a vaginas, ovaries, a uterus, etc. WE – people born with uteruses – conceive and birth babies. To claim that men who were born male, but are now transgender, are biologically the same as women is wrong on all levels, fallacious, misogynist, insane, and just outright dumb. You don’t have the equipment to have periods and give birth, you don’t get a say in OB/GYN care.

Anatomy-Human-Body-Female-ReproductiveWhen transgender people play around with semantics and “fluid gender,” pointing out any logic to language and nomenclature is like explaining evolution to a creationist. It is simply how things are in human anatomy. Scientific fact. There’s no emotion attached to me referring to my sex organs as female. I’ve seen nonsensical posts claiming that uteruses aren’t a “thing.” Yes, a uterus is a very real thing. I had tumors cored out of mine, and I’m here to tell you that a uterus is a very real thing. Transgender misogyny and semantics assures women are stilled treated as a lower priority. Neoliberals, just like religious conservatives, believe our bodies still belong to other groups to define.


My response to an idiot trolling women on Planned Parenthood’s Facebook page:

“Megan, transphobic is YOU for playing semantics and completely misusing another issue that has nothing to do with anything I’ve said. Science is a thing. Just because you don’t believe in biology and human anatomy doesn’t mean it’s wrong. Just as just because Christians don’t believe in evolution doesn’t mean it’s wrong. Or because you don’t understand physicists, that gravity isn’t actually a thing. This is how things are classified. It’s called being educated. It’s called science. There’s nothing emotional or political about that – these are the goddamn facts. That’s how science works – with facts, not how you “feel.” A uterus is a female sex organ no matter how offended you want to pretend to be by a biological fact. People born with uteruses are biological females. We’re speaking of anyone born female. Whatever new-age issues you have going on in your head is your business. By obfuscating sex, you want a card to throw down so you can look like some activist or victim. You are neither. Kids like you purposefully look to be offended. When you cry “wolf” you not only reveal yourself as dishonest, but you take away from serious issues. The US has the highest maternal mortality rate among 1st world, developed countries. And you want to talk about how someone born with a dick can have an imaginary uterus. As Jennifer said, if you don’t have the equipment for OB/GYN care, you don’t get a say. Continue to be a misogynist troll ignorant of science. My husband and I are professors; we hear the same base rhetoric from religious fundamentalists. When you turn on women for being real fucking women, and cry wolf like you invented the term “transphobia,” you lose any and all support you could have otherwise gained for your own pet issue. Now, let’s stop posting on Planned Parenthood’s thread. To continue to do so would be rude and ignore the very real and pressing issues they address.”

And that was the mic drop ending a thread.

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