Legalized Kidnapping

confront-the-agony-of-the-bitthmotherChildbirth isn’t just a health risk… it’s the number one cause of female death globally. In America, it’s the sixth cause of death. In light of these facts, it seems illogical, inhuman, and cruel to be fervently encouraging domestic adoption as an alternative to abortion. And, yet, the religious right in American extols adoption to the point of seizing very wanted babies. As seen on Twitter, a t-shirt sanctimoniously claiming “Adoption is the new pregnant”, tells how unabashed these self-righteous kidnappers are in their raptorial pursuit of scared, impoverished young mothers, their fetuses, and eventually their babies. Money, and especially religion/belief systems, gives these creeps – adoption attorneys and agencies, pregnancy “crisis” centers, social workers, wanna-be parents, non-profits, religious “authorities” –  the ruse they need to manipulate, guilt, and threaten poor girls and women into surrendering their babies. If we were in the mid-century of last, these creeps would be proponents of Australia’s horrific institutional crimes where laboring, single mothers were chained to beds, their breasts cruelly bound to thwart nursing. To wealthier infertile couples or individuals, women remain less then second class citizens – just a means to get a baby. It’s beyond weird when some creepy rich bitch covets what graphically popped out of another woman’s vagina. Money doesn’t give them a license to buy human flesh. And money isn’t what’s “best” for the child, nor does it make these creeps good parents. They want to believe it’s okay, it’s honorable, to buy babies. In reality, purchasing babies is a form of child trafficking. Adoption agencies, their clients, attorneys and social workers, are no better than pedophiles.

Adoption devalues women, whitewashing the risks and physical toll of pregnancy and birth. Adoption uses women as breeders. Period. This is where women especially turn on women. From shaming “pregnancy counselors” verbally assaulting scared girls, to nurses withholding pain medication to teach a single mother “a lesson,” chauvinist women are very much part of the war on half the world’s population. If she’s “too young” to be a mother, she’s too young to give birth. It’s inhumane, unethical, and criminal to force a girl under sixteen to carry a fetus and birth it. It is a crime of our age that young girls, regardless of their situations, are denied their inalienable reproductive rights. Often, they are forced to go through the ordeal of pregnancy and birth, coerced and/or forced to into adoption. Most adoptions in America are the result of manipulation and shaming of the mother into proving that she “truly loves” her baby by surrendering it. Pregnancy crisis centers masquerade for and as adoption services. White babies turn the most profit. If anti-choicers truly loved children, they’d adopt real, legitimate orphans both domestically and internationally. But adoption is not a mission or cause for these people. They want newborns, so they find legal loopholes and manipulations to get what they want from poor mothers. This is just another example of how poverty is sexist. American society is so imbued with religion, that policy and public shaming of single and/or young mothers is an prime example of why enforced separation of church and state is essential.

But why is it so difficult for public consensus to admit adoption damages women by using mothers as professional baby machines? The psychological damage alone is life altering and life haunting, as well as the postpartum changes to the body. The pro-fetus, anti-choice club is first and foremost criminal in using women for their enormously profitable business of fraudulent, legalized kidnapping scams. Why is it difficult to hold these creeps accountable for their crimes against humanity? Because the average person subconsciously regards women and our rights as secondary and disputable. The language in the vernacular used to speak of pregnancy needs to change, meaning stop using the word “unborn child” or “baby” in regards to a fetus. Call it what it is according to the stage of pregnancy and scientific nomenclature:  zygote, embryo, fetus. The terms “baby” and “fetus” are not synonyms. This point needs to be made over and over in order to change the dialogue. The euphemism “the unborn” needs to be called out as the emotional jargon it is and eradicated, deflating the religious woo-woo spin on pregnancy. As long as something is growing inside a woman, it’s a part of her body. Therefore, it’s solely her decision what to do, or not do, about it.

305559_339144552819148_171270246273247_875752_1853926102_nIf the anti-choice movement is truly pro-life, then why aren’t they socialists? Why not support, instead of stigmatize, social welfare programs that assist single mothers as well as families below the poverty line? Why not empower these programs to include basic income and free, secondary education? America should model France’s family incentives, Finland’s maternity and childcare programs. In many European countries and Canada, healthcare and childcare are recognized as the inalienable, universal right of every citizen.  Our government spends billions of our tax dollars on its military industrial complex yearly. But complete maternity leave, OB/GYN care, and basic income is considered excessive, even demonized. Besides the obvious greed and lust for power, the reason “pro-lifers” are anti-social programs for single mothers and their children is because they actually believe babies should be seized from single mothers. Religious conservatives believe – in the 21st century – that childbirth, and what happens to a woman’s body, is punishment. I’m in Alabama; these creeps are a dime a dozen here. The religious right, conservative Americans, are no better than ISIS when it comes to misogyny. The only reason they can’t fully implement their beliefs is because we do have some laws that protect us… most of the time.

Corpses have more rights than women. A dead person’s prior wishes not to relinquish their organs go unchallenged, whereas a woman’s right to abortion, even birth-control, is under attack globally and daily. You can’t make a person donate blood; but, many countries and societies force women to give birth to unplanned babies only to evilly snatch them away at birth, or brow-beat the mother into signing her baby over. There’s plenty of unethical international adoptions as well. Anti-choice creeps will respond it’s a “wanted” child, meaning that there’s a greedy, infertile couple waiting to bank on a woman’s suffering. Every child needs to be wanted by its mother. The mother/infant bond is integral to healthy physical and mental development; it’s not optional.  There has never been a more pressing reason why we need social programs and services – yes, socialism. It’s needed to protect women and their babies from predators trafficking human flesh, as well as destroy the religious witch-hunting of single mothers and fallacious dogma claiming childbirth as punishment for sex.

My concluding reiterations:  Regarding the bourgeois – Kate Sharp’s people – they have no codes of ethics, or what you would call a moral compass. Regardless of any particular religion or party, they will use any and all for their own gains. Take any controversial issue, and they will bend, make or break it any way that suits their purpose. They can flip flop on issues more times than a schizophrenic can break. There is something to be said about their certain pathology – they are sociopathic. Greed, money, and power. Sometimes it’s jealousy too. Jealousy of what they do not have. And this is where the adoption scandals and crimes come into play. The cruel fallacy, “what’s best for the child,” is pimped out as a pathetic and evil excuse for the wealthy, regardless of their orientation or lifestyle, to legally kidnap. They purchase an impoverished and/or scared mother’s infant from an unscrupulous third party. Often the mother is coerced and guilted, under the “what’s best” for her child fallacy, as they take it and spoil it into a worthless human being. It doesn’t matter what you are:  conservative or liberal, religious or non religious, ethnic background, profession, or sexual orientation… we are all the same to them:  Proletariat – working class.

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