The “What’s Best” Fallacy: Debunking a pretentious, egregious fallacy STILL damaging women and children in the 21st century.

confront-the-agony-of-the-bitthmotherThe “what’s best for the child” fallacy needs not only to be addressed but debunked. The majority of adoptions are, and historically have been, legalized kidnappings. Buying babies is human trafficking. No matter the amount of money lining pockets, or how superior their religious beliefs make them feel, the wealthy are not entitled to woman’s child.

  • The primary prominent source that originated the American “what’s best for the child” fallacy stems from the diabolical rhetoric of the adoption advocate and historically known pedophile, Georgia Tann. The eugenics of the wealthy – upper echelon – emphasize the eradication of the poor via adoption of their infants, whether infants be of single mothers or poor families. (See sources below on Georgia Tann and her brand of eugenics.) The ugly part of this “what’s best” fallacy insists that money wins. Human flesh is for sale. This is their gross fallacy:  A wealthy family is better than the real, biological family because they can offer more to the child – they can spoil the child into a worthless human being. Income level is not a legitimate reason to take a baby/child from a mother/family.
  • No woman anywhere owes anyone her flesh and blood. And just because nature, or their own personal life choices, dealt these people – wanna-be parents – an infertile hand, doesn’t mean they’re entitled to any mother’s child.
  • Money and social status cannot ethically, morally purchase you a child. The American legal system goes to great lengths to protect the wealthy – the upper echelon – from local to national levels. The legal kidnapping crimes prevalent in domestic “adoptions” seen throughout the nation are prime examples of the injustice in our American justice system. Often, medical personnel are in on the game as well. Doctors and counselors are hand-picked by adoption attorney’s and agencies. This is one reason why “pre-birth consent” is illegal in many states.
  • Tracking/hunting down single, scared mothers to manipulate and threaten these mothers away from their babies is universally wrong. And this is exactly how pregnancy crisis centers and “adoption” crime rings, like Adoption Rocks, operate.
  • If she’s “too young to be a mother” then she’s too young to give birth. This disgusting excuse is often used in the snatching of newborns from teen mothers. Infant traffickers don’t hesitate to pull this massively evil excuse out of their ass. But point out the stress and life threatening risk pregnancy and childbirth is for a teen and they’ll talk about Jesus and dogma. The truth is they’re making bank selling a scared, disenfranchised teen’s newborn. In states that allow “pre-birth” contracts, the mother is often scared into going along with a forced adoption. Even though it’s her legal right to change her mind at any time, she’s often lied to or ignored by social workers, attorneys, and the wanna-be parent(s).
  • Adoption attorneys are fetus-peddlers. (e.g. Donna Ames) Thanks largely to money in politics, these attorneys are usually in league with the judges who oversee their cases. This is another reason why this country needs campaign reform. When judges are politicians first, they can be bought by donations to their campaign funds. Get money out of politics. A non-profit organization to disbar such attorneys and bring class action lawsuits against adoption agencies is needed.
  • Pitting mother’s needs against her baby’s is the most insidious ploy of this ubiquitous fallacy that adoption advocates commit. The needs of the mother and her baby are one and the same. The baby needs the antibodies in her mother’s breast milk. The mother needs her baby to heal her postpartum body, as hormones have already solidified the innate and integral bond between mother and child. A baby needs the heart beat of his mother. Science tells us how crucial the mother’s voice is to a baby. Hold a woman’s baby and see what happens… The infant will wail for her mother. This is why adopted babies are more sickly. It is psychologically damaging, a life sentence of agony, to separate a mother from her child. This is why the majority of mothers, despite hoodwinked and brain-washed through the Stockholm Syndrome methods of adoption agencies and financial “gifts” from jackal sponsors, change their minds. There is no better parent for a child than its real mother. Intuitively, mothers are synced with their baby, especially during the neonatal period. Just because the fetus is birthed into a newborn doesn’t mean it’s no longer the mother’s flesh and blood. Birth is graphic, messy, bloody, excruciating, and life altering. The love it induces is insurmountable by any adopter. Anyone who’s watched a birth and still thinks it’s best to rip a baby from his mother’s breast, is a monster.  MOTHER:  A woman who goes through pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum body. You can’t buy that.
  • Science is my slingshot:

    Fifty years after the term “pheromone” was coined by Peter Karlson and Martin Lüsher the search for these semiochemicals is still an elusive goal of chemical ecology and communication studies. Contrary to what appears in the popular press, the race is still on to capture and define human scents. Over the last several years, it became increasingly clear that pheromone-like chemical signals probably play a role in offspring identification and mother recognition. Recently, we analyzed the volatile compounds in sweat patch samples collected from the para-axillary and nipple-areola regions of women during pregnancy and after childbirth. We hypothesized that, at the time of birth and during the first weeks of life, the distinctive olfactory pattern of the para-axillary area is probably useful to newborns for recognizing and distinguishing their own mother, whereas the characteristic pattern of the nipple-areola region is probably useful as a guide to nourishment.  ~

  • The unconditional love bond between a mother and child is unbreakable no matter how ignored, belittled, or slanderously demonized by individuals and organizations with an agenda. Both separated mother and child ache for each other throughout their lives. Their stories are told on their blogs, in their medical history, and recorded in history through scholarly sources and personal accounts. The mental health issues that stem from separation of mother and child are extensive and life-long. No amount of money has ever cured the agony and anguish of either mother or child.
  • “Poor” is a vague term. With the ever dwindling middle-class, many lower middle class families are poor on paper. And according to DHR/CPS and the barren wealthy, you and your children are fodder for the baby fever of the wealthy.
  • No religion or belief system gets a say in a woman’s life, especially when it comes to her children. Despite the separation of church and state in our nation, various religious groups find non-profit status loopholes to greedily suppress the inalienable rights of women, primarily mothers. Whether Catholic, Mormon, etc., these creeps exercise abusive and unethical dominance over women and their children. The forced adoption scandals – legalized kidnappings – of all factions are recorded repeatedly by personal blogs, mainstream media, and academic sources.
  • Social programs – the right of every human being – are available to mothers and their babies. From WIC to Medicaid, the United States offers healthcare and welfare. However, adoption agencies and pregnancy crisis centers intentionally fail to mention this because their agenda is adoption. Hopefully, America will soon be on par with Europe and Canada in regards to family care services provided to citizens.


Sources & further peer-reviewed research for the reader:

Georgia Tann:  The infamous baby kidnapper/child molester who stole babies from the poor and single mothers for profit. Much of the corrupt adoption rhetoric stems directly from Tann and her associates.

The Mother/Infant Bond is integral to healthy development in the child and mother. Separated, both suffer a myriad of health problems that impact the their lives as well as society at large.

Physical contact between the mother and child is imperative:

Babies know their mothers scent: