Join Pro-Choice Activists in July 31 – August 9th in Mississippi!

I’m one state over – Alabama. What’s happening in the war on women in the southern United States affects the climate of women’s rights across the nation and globe.

ProAbortion & ProChoice is ProLife

“Mississippi, which has only one abortion clinic left, is a concentration of the whole vicious war on women.”-below

Think it won’t happen in your state; think again. What happens in Mississippi has been and will continue to happen in states all over America. It’s critical to start fighting back before we have an even larger problem on our hands…

As most people know, it’s tragic hearing the reality that women face in Mississippi, where there is only one Abortion Clinic left; and it’s time we take action. Thankfully, Stop Patriarchy started a 9 day protest. From July 31, 2015 – August 9, 2015 Pro-Choice (aka Pro-Life) activists across America as we should always do– to protest the lack of women’s healthcare (including abortion care) in the state, as well as standing beside those women in need of an abortion, reproductive care and other health related issues. If we…

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