The Military Industrial Complex: America’s Biggest Welfare Recipient

military spendingThe so-called government “handouts” are going to the military industrial complex so brain-washed pawns can play Rambo in a land already decimated by American foreign policy. In the last fifteen years, the previous administration of war criminals, foreign policy, and the military have been responsible for the Vietnam of my generation, spawning ISIS, blatantly lying to the American people, death of civilians excused away as “collateral damage,” grossly under-reported violence against both domestic and foreign women, deploying nursing mothers away from their babies and toddlers (It’s happening – look it up.), wasting 600 billion dollars of our taxes annually….

If we took just 1% and alotted this 1% to community colleges, every young adult receives two years free college. We can begin to catch up with Western Europe. If we took 10%, we could go to Mars in ten years and still pay for the rest of everyone’s college. Plus, we could finance the application of renewable energy sources across the nation, putting a dent in global warming. So far, that’s just 11%. And at the rate Republicans, the 1% upper echelon, and their big business bedfellows are destroying this country, and their devastating impact on the entire planet, we’re going to need a Mars colony. It may just mean the future of the human race and everything you love about Earth.fQVWtEb

bernie memeNow imagine what we could do if we slashed the military’s welfare check in half? We could actually divert some of it to *gasp* VA care. So those of you lovin’ veterans, slashing military spending would help them receive proper healthcare. Good health is the inherent right of all sentient life. Thus, we all have the right to healthcare. And VA hospitals are a pathetic attempt at healthcare. VAs are the result of what happens when you allow professional, facist killers to run healthcare programs and facilities. Stop superficially thanking veterans, and try actually voting for candidates and legislature that will actually help veterans.