Exposing a Non Sequitur & False Dichotomy: Adoption isn’t an alternative to abortion.


The most damaging fallacious argument for forced adoptions/legalized infant trafficking is the false dilemma and non sequitur fallacies:  Adoption must have been the chosen alternative to abortion. Let’s break this down for the very dumbest pro-birthers and child traffickers:  These are two very different things and separate issues. Abortion exists separate of adoption. A mother who wants to bring her baby to term and considers adoption isn’t doing so as an alternative to abortion. Mothers victimized by the 13 billion dollar adoption industry are actually pro-life. If a mother is considering adoption it’s because she’s been wrongfully shamed, manipulated, and scared. To claim otherwise is slander and purposefully character assassination against these marginalized mothers.

These fallacies has been used to belittled mothers who birthed very loved and wanted babies. If you don’t want to be pregnant, you’re going to find a way to end pregnancy. Abortion didn’t just start with the legalization of it. Abortive agents exist aplenty in nature. It’s not that hard to find them. Emergency contraception is now readily available pharmacies and health departments. The history of abortion consists of midwives and healers to unsafe “back alley” abortions. These two very separate paths become obfuscated by the unscrupulous pro-birth movement, which would have every zygote carried and birthed into a profitable hot commodity – a baby. The baby selling adoption industry further pimps out this fallacy to demonize natural mothers. Remember, adoption is a business, a 13 billion dollar industry.

Anyone who does comprehend the above and still continues to convolute adoption and abortion, is spuriously obfuscating adoption and abortion for unethical reasons, which potentially include political/monetary gain or infant trafficking. When I express concern and outrage at the treatment of mothers who were forced to relinquish their babies due to manipulative forced adoption and infant trafficking, the occasional troll will pipe up, “At least they didn’t kill it.” Let’s make this crystal clear:  A born baby is not a fetus. The infant victims of fraudulent for-profit adoptions are loved and wanted by their mothers, who are victims of a most heinous crime – legalized kidnapping and trafficking via adoption.

adoption meme 8Motherhood is degraded and insulted by baby trafficking adoption frauds just as much as it is by pro-birthers. I realized for this distinction of adoption from abortion needed to be made after a former student* decided to troll my Twitter account. He interrupted a conversation with another Twitter follower, trolling something like, “It’s better than abortion because abortion kills.” The fact that he doesn’t understood human anatomy, or the definition of sentient life, is apparent. But the worse part of this is that he convoluted two entirely different issues just to show his ass. To make matters worse, he did this when I was tweeting about the recent and ongoing case of child trafficking in Alabama. This specific baby is a born baby, and very loved and wanted by his mommy. It is grotesque and inhuman that there are those who purposefully confuse two very different and painfully personal issues for their own agenda(s).


*A self-righteous bag of douche looking for attention decided to follow my account and pick the worst possible time to attempt to engage me in a debate on abortion. I do not engage/debate students; it’s inappropriate. There is a strict professional line I have that I don’t cross. Religion and politics have no place in my classes. I teach English, not political science or theology. The former student in question was blocked and reported to the college.