Defending Felines: False Statistics & Soundbites

A couple years ago, I composed a letter to two media sources correcting the blatantly erroneous and shameful misinformation published regarding feral and outdoor cats. This false statistic has been circulating the interwebs and media for ten years. Of course we keep our feline children strictly indoors, but I cannot stand to see cats, as […]

Pope Frank: The Misogynist Everybody Loves

Progressives, secularists, and socialists need to stop blowing smoke up the Pope’s ass. Pope Francis, aka “Frank”, is still the leader of the world’s largest pedophile ring. To this day, the Catholic Church commits forced adoptions/legalized kidnappings from young women through Catholic Charities and their “foster home” program for pregnant teens. Pope Frank is loudly […]

“Basic Bitch” is a racist, sexist slur! …And I’m totally embracing it. (Political Correctness, Pt.I)

The phrase “basic bitch” is sexist and racist. And, yes, it’s a slur. We’re only white women after all. Never mind us while we sit here lookin’ pretty sipping some pumpkin spice and talking about shoes among other trivial things. Is the trending insult “basic bitch” as dumb as it is sexist and racist? Yes. […]