“Basic Bitch” is a racist, sexist slur! …And I’m totally embracing it. (Political Correctness, Pt.I)

This-cat-is-3prkniThe phrase “basic bitch” is sexist and racist. And, yes, it’s a slur. We’re only white women after all. Never mind us while we sit here lookin’ pretty sipping some pumpkin spice and talking about shoes among other trivial things. Is the trending insult “basic bitch” as dumb as it is sexist and racist? Yes. Am I all about banning it like the social war on the often misused word “retard”? NO. Nope, let’s not ban this trending label/insult. It exposes the hypocrisy of the neolib ideologues hijacking Academic. And to you radical bitches not shaving yo pits:  Academia is my stomping ground too. So watch your backs.

Political correctness began with the best of intentions only to be misused and abused by PC police bullies, or what some of my Twitter buddies would call “social justice warriors.”  And this is exactly why I don’t think a social banning of the phrase is a cool thing to do. However, these very same social warriors are the cretans who hypocritically call white chicks “basic bitches” and girly girls “cis.” Note:  “Cis” is a prefix from scientific nomenclature recently misappropriated by stupendously dumb “Gender Studies” morons and Tumblr kids in need of attention, much like “quantum” was hijacked by the new-age/Chopra crowd. Do extreme neoliberals realize they’re essentially the same as right-wing fundamentalists who protest evolution and the big bang theory? Nope. As it’s colloquially put in the South:  They dumb as shit.

Look, my bitches, feminine porcelain dolls like yours truly and my besties are like any other stereotype. We all got some things in common:   penchant for fancy coffees – particularly pumpkin spice, disposition to wine (French), preference to cute dresses and frou frou accessories, mascara and apricot lipstick, the color pink in all its glorious shades, KITTENS, habitual selfies, yoga and/or yoga pants, fancy boots that may or may not be functional, animalia theme prints, unicorns and mermaids, folk music, cute videos of babies and cats snuggling, chick flicks and binge watching quirky programs with our significant others, road trips with our girls… and, of course, Taylor Swift. Okay, you got the snapshot.

But is your every “basic bitch” the same? No. Not at all. Differences vary via class, region, and education. California valley girls differ from those of us who spent a chunk of our twenties in the ivory tower of Academia. European white chicks vary a bit from their American varieties. However, my French sister Faustine and I are basically the same white girl. I’m just the older version. Southern versions of the “basic bitch” may also fall under the category of “southern belle.”

Shattering the preconceived notions of a basic bitch:  How “basic” am I? You’re about to find out how stereotypes based on genitalia, coffee preferences, and color schemes really don’t lend much insight into the life of a white girl.

  1. I’m sooooo basic that one of the reasons my ex husband agreed to a divorce:  I’m more educated than he. Seriously. A typically southern white (-trash) guy couldn’t stand it that his soon-to-be ex wife would have an advanced degree. I divorced him the year before I completed graduate school.
  2. I’ve worked as a volunteer for animal rescue organizations. And I was elected president of three school clubs.
  3. I’m an avid Star Trek fan.
  4. I have an ear fetish for pointed ears.
  5. My favorite color is actually periwinkle.
  6. I collect rocks from every place I travel.
  7. Medieval and Victorian literature/periods are my niches.
  8. I’m published.
  9. I’ve had more life experience(s), both good and bad, than the average person twice my age.
  10. I’ve been obsessed with outer space, NASA, Hubble telescope, and space exploration since early girlhood. Astronaut Barbie was my friend.
  11. I love cats more than humans.

If radical neoliberals are going to be all offended about categorizing groups of people via labels, maybe they should reconsider the labels they’ve created for feminine girls and women. Imagine if they treated transgenders or people of color like they do us basic bitches? These PC police are the same worthlessly educated idiots high on gender studies and underwater basket weaving. These are the ideologues who fallaciously claim Victoria Secret panties suppress women but burkas protect women from the male gaze. Fuck these dumb cunts. How’s that for some political incorrectness….