Pope Frank: The Misogynist Everybody Loves

jolie memeProgressives, secularists, and socialists need to stop blowing smoke up the Pope’s ass. Pope Francis, aka “Frank”, is still the leader of the world’s largest pedophile ring. To this day, the Catholic Church commits forced adoptions/legalized kidnappings from young women through Catholic Charities and their “foster home” program for pregnant teens. Pope Frank is loudly and proudly anti-abortion and anti-birth control. Remember, this is a man who wants ten year old children birthing children. Because girls are girls and not boys, Frank’s cool with forced births. And he’s dismissive of rape. But all is forgotten when he panders to progressives and socialists on the topics of global warning and wage disparity. His views on global warming and classism may be a step in the right direction for a pope, but it’s a little bit a lot too late.

As my French sister insightfully says, “Better does not mean good.” Just because Frankie is better than the previous Nazi pope doesn’t mean that he’s a good guy. Just because the theocratic cult leader speaks out against global warming and unchecked capitalism doesn’t mean he’s a messiah. Newflash:  There’s no such thing as a messiah. Frankly, it’s uncanny and gross watching television personalities and Democratic politicians salivate over ol’ Frank – a man who had the power to help the little girl in Paraguay but did absolutely nothing. As the United Nations and international non-governmental organizations have expressed, women are especially disenfranchised through cultures and religions. Women’s basic and inherent rights are treated as lower priorities, and crimes committed against girls and women are excused away as “cultural” by the very same liberals who worry about offending Islam or seeming anti-Catholic. This is why we need feminism. Girls and women are still subhuman, even in certain areas of what’s considered the first world. Alabama, my current state of residence, is proof of women’s lack of rights and forced adoptions. (#BringBabyElliotHome)50595_original

From Democratic nominees I admire, to public figures like Bill Maher and Stephen Colbert, it’s disappointing to see the pope get special recognition for doing what any decent person should do – acknowledge scientific evidence for global warming and condemn classism. Frank is pandering to progressives in order to save his decaying cult. Unfortunately, it’s worked with some of the impressible lapsed Catholics I’ve known. Frank is still a pope, a pope of the largest organized crime ring against women and children. Let’s remember that the Vatican was the fore-runner to ISIS. The Catholic Church sat the bar for torture, rape, and pillaging. Recall how Catholics lynched Hypatia of Alexandria, ripping her skin off with shells. Did you even learn about that one in school? The forced adoptions/kidnappings of Ireland and Spain are two examples of ripping babies from mothers and selling infants as commodities to the highest bidding parishioners. The missions and conquistadors of Catholicism decimated naive populations in the Americas after torture and rape, often kidnapping indigenous children as converts and slaves. From the Spanish Inquisition and other spawned various Inquisitions throughout Europe, to the barbarous Crusades that originally destabilized the Mideast, Catholics were gang-banging this planet long before the horrific terrorist factions of our century. Don’t let the Church’s age, pomp and circumstance fool you. Pope Francis is just the current maharaja of the world’s oldest terrorist cult/group.


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