Female Patriarchs, Pt. 1

Catholic nuns, prudish Mormon matrons, and women of the GOP are all obvious examples of women who are misogynists, often much worse than men towards women. But you don’t have to be an Ann Coulter or S.E. Cupp to be a female patriarch. The average female social worker and police officer that sides with the […]

“Questions For Atheists From A College Student” via Godless Mom

Godless Mom is one of the most interesting people I follow on Twitter, and I’m a fan of her blog (http://godlessmom.com ). To respond to Godless Mom’s call for fellow atheists to answer a college student’s questionnaire, I’m posting my answers below. Note:  I’ve copied and pasted the questions from Godless Mom’s blog post. (http://godlessmom.com/questions-for-atheists-from-a-college-student-answer-them-yourself/) […]

Fear-mongering: Toxoplasmosis & Scapegoating Cats

It would be great if soundbites, yellow book journalism, and fear-mongering were left in the twentieth century, or at least exclusive to Fox News. Unfortunately, it’s not credibility the media at large is looking for – it’s attention. Every year or so the fear mongering and pseudoscience of a certain protozoan parasite, toxoplasmosis, makes its […]

Yes, We Need Feminism

Any fool – male or female – who claims feminism is no longer needed deserves to live in Alabama. Our state legislatures and governor just defunded Planned Parenthood, which is responsible for health check-ups, birth control, and emergency health concerns such as UTIs. The right-wing attacks on Planned Parenthood isn’t about the 3% of abortions […]