Crying “Wolf” (Political Correctness, Pt. 2)

Hijacking the prefix/term “cis” from biology is what the Chopra cult did to the term “quantum” from physics.

This needs to be said:  Do you. Be and define yourself, but don’t foist it everybody else. I you do so, you’re no better than any bullies you’ve encountered. When you become a science denier, attempting to override scientific nomenclature, you are no better than a creationist, a big bang theory denying Republican. Yet this is what we’re seeing in the far left, the neoliberals, who prove themselves to be no better than conservatives when it comes to telling us how we need to be talking, what we need to be thinking, and what we need to do with ourselves and our bodies. Don’t look to the far left for any sort of enlightenment because you’re not going to find it. I know. I’ve been through the ivory towered walls of Academia.

Transgender is a personal choice. When some transgenders start trolling the interwebs, namely calling women “transphobic” for being born with a uterus, they lose public support. And, yes, I’ve seen this on Planned Parenthood’s website; and, I’ve put one troll in its place. Calling wolf when there’s no wolf makes these assholes even worse, as they’re obfuscating the very real violent crimes of true transphobia. Plus, demonizing women after the history we’ve already been through (Inquisition and such), only makes these particular transgenders silly, uneducated bullies. They’re just espousing another form of bigotry.

crying wolfIt is too easy to grab up a cause and carry the banner just because you want a card to throw around, you want a “victim” status to cling to. As someone who’s been a real fucking victim, victimhood is nothing to wallow around in and everything to truly stand up and fight against. When you play victim – when you’re NOT a victim – you encourage and validate the ugly victim-blaming of the religious right. And this is exactly what the regressive left/political correctness police are all about:  crying wolf and creating easy “battles” with progressive allies. It’s easier to sit around bitching than it is to address the real injustices plaguing our times.


( As the politically correct police wage war on “cultural appropriation” and video games, this is ongoing:   )