I Just Bitch-slapped The Regressive Left

Note:  Don’t confuse a sense of decorum with political correctness. Political correctness is actually incredibly fake and patronizing. It is gas-lighting. It’s verbal paternalism. Full of assumptions, it rails against notions of equality by implying that certain groups of people are too fragile for the raw truth. Political correctness is rude and arrogant. Those who pimp it out have the habit of making people look stupid for gain and pleasure.

Halloween is my favorite time of the year. My husband and I married this time of year. For me, Halloween reminds me of childhood in Knoxville, the foothills of The Great Smoky Mountains, pumpkin patches, and home-made chili on Samhain night. You can’t have Halloween without Charlie Brown and “The Great Pumpkin” or trick-or-treating with your best friend. And for those of us from Tennessee, Halloween invokes stories, official and unofficial, of our Bell Witch. My childhood best friend calls or texts me on Halloween every year to say “Merry Christmas” because Halloween is our Christmas. For decades fundamentalists have waged war on a uniquely American holiday descended from our British Isles and Native American ancestors. The original jack o’ lanterns were carved from turnips, not pumpkins. Pumpkins are the unique American Indian contribution to the holiday.

In the Deep South, “trunk or treat” is a really dumb “Christian” alternative. Some creepy Christians, as well as other haters of Halloween, protest the holiday altogether because they’re stupendously dumb enough to believe that a fictional character is really behind it all:  THE DEVIL. Halloween is the American version of Samhain, which is not pronounced as it’s spelled. And Samhain was quite similar to the Mexican Dia de los Muertos, which we celebrate here in America as well. However, the “social justice warrior” leftists have a problem with America’s multiculturalism.

And to this “problem” I ask, SINCE WHEN DID THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA STOP BEING A MELTING POT YOU? (I’ma gonna pause here while my Irish great-granddaddy rolls over in his grave to flip off the regressive, covertly racist left.) According to the same (il)logic of the culture warriors, folks who can’t claim some degree of Irish ancestry can’t celebrate Halloween. Or does do these nouveau liberals just mean for this brand cultural appropriation and political correctness to only affect the palest of the pale? Because if so, that’s RACIST as well. Furthermore, since when are peoples of Spanish ancestry and diaspora not considered Caucasian? And who the fuck gets to tell a person what they get to claim in their bloodline?

The silly claims of “cultural appropriation” sound like a really bad joke. However, recent examples of the regressive left making shit up to be dramatic includes the brats of Yale and Bustle. Yale University has succumbed to the regressive left. Imagine that. The witch-hunting of Nicholas and Erika Christakis is proof. Yale, and its brat student body, is in gross violation of the first amendment, the very foundation of the United States of America. Bustle, in all its self-righteous stupidity, wants to tell the rest of us which fashions and holidays we can and can’t celebrate according to their infinite stupidity. And Dia de los Muertos made their list. This holiday, brought to us by another group of immigrants, brings together a city (Birmingham, Alabama) haunted by the backlash of The Civil Rights Movement. Everyone is free to participate. Yes, the palest of the pale make alters to our dead as well. Just like Halloween, America has embraced Dia de los Muertos. It’s celebrated in Birmingham, Alabama – the birthplace of modern Civil Rights. I participated in the parade the year, walking right behind the coffin. And it was awesome. So fuck you, attention whores, as I celebrate my current city honoring the fact we’re a melting pot. Instead of being a joy-kill, try being thankful on Halloween and Dia de los Muertos that you won the lottery ticket of life from your ancestors – to be born in a first world country so you can bitch about your imagery first world problems.

Dead of the DeadAfter my beloved Tennessee, my family relocated to Alabama. My parents picked Cullman, what they thought was a suburb of Birmingham. Nope. Cullman was of one of the longest running “sun down” towns in the South, even when my family lived there in the 1990s. Now imagine moving from Knoxville, Tennessee, a city of engineers and a burgeoning international community, to Cullman. At this time, Cullman was the headquarters of the Ku Klux Klan for the state of Alabama. This was common knowledge, along with all the crimes committed against minorities by the Klan. Mexicans were the current target, which is why I am so supportive of Dia de los Muertos. Not only does this holiday mirror Halloween, it’s a victory over racism and bigotry. But the brats of Yale and Bustle want to put a chastity belt on this holiday. The politically correct police, culture warriors, and regressive liberals who run their mouths about cultural appropriation have a fear – a very obvious fear – of cultural miscegenation. Just like the Ku Klux Klan, culture warring liberals protest the mixing of cultures.

Like Jim Crow advocates of George Wallace’s ilk, these liberals fear the intermingling of people and our stories. And like their religious right counterparts, liberals need to embrace the fact that we’re all human. There’s one human race. We live in a country comprised of a multitude of culture and art. The fact that some “political-correct” liberals are angry that we have the awesome ability and right to pick which ones to celebrate, or not, says more about the offended liberals than it does the rest of us. They fear and loath the mixing of cultures and people in the truest American sense:  secular, free-spirited, and individualized.

My response to Bustle on their Facebook page:  Screenshot_2015-11-06-09-10-36-1


All too real atrocities and human rights violations go ignored and/or dismissed for the pseudo victim narratives of culture warriors.

Cultural appropriation is not a legitimate thing, and neither should be political correctness. The regressive left is guilty of cultural relativism, and cultural relativism harms girls and women. While many western feminists focus on what Ayaan Hirsi IMG_20150926_081033Ali rightly slammed as “trivial bullshit” (the business of protesting video games and bowler shirts), female genital mutilation, child brides, human trafficking, honor killings, and slavery are all still very much a hellacious reality. While the culture warriors panders out excuses for these gross violations of human rights, feminists especially argue about non-issues. (i.e.  shirt gate, gamer gate, bullying various celebrities for not carrying the banner of feminism.) How the fuck do these hypocritical intersectional feminists rationalize their stupidity? Gad Saad explains, “Selective processing of information is a big cognitive bias… they only pay attention to information/misinformation that backs their biases.” Saad uses the burka fallacy as an example. Regressive, western feminists claim that it “protects women from the male gaze” because men “visually rape” women. If WTF didn’t enter your brain right after reading that fallacious claim, you’re either not paying attention or you’re part of the problematic fallacy. So when your mama tells ya you’re only hearing what you wanna hear, that’s actually a thing.

The usurping of intellectual diversity and freedom by the culture warriors/regressive left is totalitarian. And to paraphrase Gad Saad, Totalitarianism always politically beheads and silences intellectuals by smearing them. They can’t be literally beheaded, so totalitarians misconstrue words, outright lie, and defame. The regressive left figuratively beheads dissenting intellectuals with libel, slander, and semantics while ISIS literally beheads infidels. I would say to present day liberals, “take care not to become what you hate,” but symbolically they already have.

Bill Maher made the observation that political correctness has given rise to an extreme and ugly backlash of truly despicable characters, such as the alt-right. College students are so tentative – afraid to misspeak. There’s very little academic/intellectual diversity on campuses. The politically correct claim to be against bullying and injustice, yet this is exactly what they do – bully and commit intellectual injustice. The regressive left sees an opportunity to control people through so-called “good intentions.” These opportunists are bullies. Political correctness and the melodramatic trend of screaming “cultural appropriation” is about control.

In a private message convo regarding the regressive left/culture warrior groupmind, one of my Twitter buddies told me, “Put that on a plaque, word for word.” So, I’ll just post what I said to him here:

Yes. I’ve seen this in Academia. There’s only a few of us who speak out against it. These culture warriors/regressive liberals use semantics, guilt-tripping, and defamation to tear down their opponents. They throw around words like “racist” and transphobic” when someone dares to disagree with them. Their method of bullying is putting chastity belts on our mouths. I’m a highly sensitive person who tries kindness first, and they attempt to demonize me because I won’t join their club. You can disagree with people and be legit. In their obsession with silencing progressives, they are the intellectual Taliban, just as Republicans are the social Taliban.



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