Regressive Left Agenda & Motives

The world sees two extreme reactions to terrorism:  fear-mongering from the conservative sector, and apologists from the liberal. Neither one is a great response, as both are based in fear.

The lazy and pointlessly dumb thing to do is pray. For religious people, such tragedies give them an excuse to whore out their religion like sex workers selling their goods. After Friday’s tragedy in Paris, France, the last thing my French friends want to hear is that everyone is “praying” for them. Christians are very aware how insulting it is to tell someone they’re being prayed for. They just don’t care.

And the regressive leftists realize their untimely pro-Islam memes and self-righteous rants commit the “no true Scotsman” fallacy regarding “true” and “real” Muslims. Regressive left rhetoric is built on sanctimonious hypocrisy and the need for attention, to be the ultimate enlightened one of the enlightened. When a Facebook friend, one I’ve known for all my life, decided to take a politically correct response and regressive stance, I owed them.

My post on my Facebook page revealing the hypocrisy and hidden motives of an apologists/regressive leftist:

Anyone who knows me – has ever known me – knows I abhor hypocrisy, passive aggressiveness, injustice, political-correctness, trivial bullshit, fundamentalism and radicalism (of all kinds). Those of you who knew me in high school will admit that I cared about the issues you do now well before it was hip to care. I was that cat girl consumed with ballet, books, animal rights, feminism, humanism, space, and Star Trek while you did the regular teen thing. I’ve never settled for mediocracy or accepted the status quo of a “dog eat dog” world. Both are lame and cowardly cop outs.

A certain person decided it’d be really great to untimely change their response to terrorism. This person’s motives are unscrupulous and personal, a passive-aggressive lash out because people (privately) disagreed on an entirely separate issue that has nothing to do with the current tragedy and murders. After posting pro-Islam and politically correct memes in response to the attacks on France, secular values, and our civilization, this person won’t recount to you, or even claim to remember, they snubbed a certain moderate, feminist Muslim pal of mine because he’s “Muslim and from that part of the world.” My feminist Muslim friend is American. I’ve known him for over ten years. That’s correct. This person who reacted bigotedly to a moderate Muslim now claims to carry the Ben Affleck banner. The ugly dishonesty and passive aggressiveness – the height of hypocrisy – is exactly seen for what it is by those who know. I am not a name-dropper. And this is all you will see me comment on the matter.

Getting pissy, passive aggressive, and back-biting with me because I (privately) point out legit facts and statistics is immature and silly. But when I catch you at the very pinnacle of hypocrisy, and your hypocrisy affects my friends, the line has been crossed. Even if you did so passive aggressively. Your current display of hypocrisy and compartmentalism is a disingenuous reaction to the facts I presented on a complete and separate issue weeks ago. Usurping the tragedy in France to passive-aggressively rile me didn’t affect me. You hurt my French friends. You insulted my truly progressive friends by pulling regressive rhetoric out of your ass. You should have picked another time to be a hypocrite. But you love drama. And this is why you did it, yet you are so manipulative and unscrupulous you expected no one to really see it but me. Did you think before you launched a public passive-aggressive attack? Who knows. I don’t care. What I care about is that you insulted my friends, primarily a friend I flew over an ocean to meet in person.

We all have that friend – the friend who takes it personally you never agree with them on every single thing. The friend who talks over you, needing to be involved in every friendship, relationship, every aspect of your life. This friend can’t stand it when you send them a list of facts, official sources, and statistics to point out they are wrong. This friend talks behind your back because you make different lifestyle choices, or you disagree with them on issues. They cannot separate friendship from politics; they don’t know how to agree to disagree. You realize every time you’ve been presented with life’s darkside, they’ve been drawn to it; and, not out of loyalty to you but the toxic need to be part of turmoil.

I cannot abide trivial bullshit, self-righteousness, and/or hypocrisy. This specific stupidity has encompassed all three. A self-righteous display of social justice warrior is really about the butt-hurt of losing an old, private debate that has nothing to do with current events and tragedies.

This is just an anecdotal recounting of one personal experience with regressive left passive-aggressiveness. The PC bullies and regressives modus operandi is passive-aggression. Basically, they want to make you look bad while playing the good guy. There’s always an agenda, whether it’s based in fear, a savior complex, or just a passive-aggressive attack warped to appear as righteousness. When a person feels the need to start whoring out politically correct jargon right after a horrific tragedy, an attack on the very heart of western civilization and values, they have an unhealthy need for attention.