In Defense of Sam Harris & Richard Dawkins

*Note:  I’ve updated this post as of fall 2018. There’s every brand of bigot in “New Atheism” because it’s become a cult sensation on social media. However, I do not think or claim Richard Dawkins or Sam Harris created this “religion” of New Atheism. Their followers did. And many of their followers have behaved and retaliated just as badly as the Alt-leftists/SJWs, especially towards women who do not share their world view. New Atheism has its own problem; it’s evolved into a religion of a belief in a non-belief. However, it’s the “dude-bros” who created this Frankenstein’s monster – not Dawkins or Harris. Hopefully, both atheist celebrities will condemn it. Again, it is their fan base that’s reverting to evangelical and vicious attacks on anyone who isn’t a member of their group-think.

I’ve come into the world of atheism by marriage and happenstance. Almost ten years ago, I met my other half, my hubs. As I’ve written, and spoken about on podcasts, I became an atheist while researching atheism to defend my husband from the toxic group of people that I eventually had to report to the police. My husband is a physicist. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that he’s naturally an atheist. But people in our life didn’t like this characteristic. And when he met me, we both caught undeserved hell for not being religious and/or Christian. Alabama isn’t an easy place to live if you’re an educated free-thinker.


The two thinkers, scientists, and prominent atheists whose works I read have been the target of unscrupulous and nasty slandering. Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins have both been dishonestly labeled as “sexist” by regressive left media sources, such as The Guardian and Salon. Fallacious name-calling is the means to figuratively behead an intellectual. The public at large is fat on soundbites and sensationalism. The lies sold for monetary gains commit character assassination against thinkers, scientists, and academics who speak out against the warped junk jargon of social justice warriors and the regressive left.

Calling someone a “misogynist” just because they do not share your opinion is an ad hominem fallacy used to shut down conversation and honest debate. Slander is the disingenuous ploy of cowards. Both Dawkins and Harris have been grossly taken out of context and out-right slandered. Whether it’s their dry sense of humor, or stoic answers to loaded questions, both of these men have been wrongly labeled and accused of misogyny. The name-calling and false accusations of misogyny is the knee-jerk response, lashing out in an emotional appeal to sway public opinion. Third wave/postmodern/intersectional feminists, regressive leftist journalism, and social justice warriors set out to slaughter the reputation of both these public atheists because they do not have legitimate arguments against Harris or Dawkins.


In actuality, both Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins are better feminists than any regressive leftist and/or intersectional feminist. Both great minds have repeatedly and incessantly taken up for women and addressed women’s issues that the regressive left ignores, such as FGM and the plight of Yazidi girls and women. They, and other new atheists, stand by Ayaan Hiris Ali while thirdwave feminists attack and belittle Ali and women like her. Recently, Maryam Namazie was banned from speaking at the University of Warwick by the very social justice warrior types who claim to be all for equality. It is the social justice warriors, regressive left, and intersectional feminists who are behaving rather misogynistic in the silencing/erasing of women by intersectional crybullies and “safe spaces” for Islamists. The non-issues of “shirt-gate” and “elevator-gate” are at best first world issues of cry-bullies with too much time on their hands. Trivial bullshit detracts from the very real atrocities and crimes committed against girls and women.

If social justice warriors need issues to attack, there are plenty of cases of domestic injustices towards girls and women. In my state, Alabama, forced “adoptions” still occur. Agencies, adoption attorneys, churches, detention centers, and pregnancy “crisis” centers predatorially hunt young, scared, impoverished, single, and disenfranchised mothers. An attorney easily makes 35K on the sale of a white, clean-slate newborn forced from the arms of a loving mother. I have blogged about Kimberly and Elliot Rossler. And when I’ve seen social justice warriors whining about non-issues, I’ve introduced them to the very real horror of the laws and methods used to sell newborns to the highest bidder. I’ve pointed out that female life is still second class in regards to the United States maternal death rate. I’ve tried to discuss the culture of domestic violence below the Mason Dixon Line with them. And, of course, I’ve pointed out all the horrors that internationally befalls girls and women due to religion. Social justice warriors, regressive leftists, and third wave/intersectional feminists do not care about the human rights of girls and women. They just want attention; and, this is why they try to take down “pop academics” such as Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins.