The Clashing of “Intersectionalism” with Feminism & Human Rights


The last couple years witnessed the rise of feminism as a pop culture phenomenon. Initially, I felt this finally a societal way to reclaim a much needed global movement from the hands of hairy arm-pitted man-women. As my husband pointed out to me, when someone says the word “feminist” it’s not ladies like me or my best friends that springs to mind. When the word “feminist” is uttered in regards to the public sphere, it’s not classy celebrities like Taylor Swift, Zooey Deschanel, and Emma Watson that are referenced. Almost always, it is the rather unfortunate looking image of a mean-spirited person who’s gone out of her way to cultivate the hobo unisex look. This meme is typical of third wave/postmodern, or now called intersectional feminism.

Classical feminism is in stark contrast to third wave/postmodern/intersectional feminism. While the intersectionalists concern themselves with men experiencing vagina envy, video games, conversations in elevators, and graphic designs on shirts, classical feminists address legitimate issues at the macro and micro levels. While intersectionalists hijack the movement in the name of transgenders, and exposing women to combat and the military industrial complex, classical feminism tackles domestic issues of maternity leave, reproductive rights, family preservation, domestic violence, etc. On a global front, classical feminism battles female genital mutilation, human trafficking, and the atrocities girls and women are exposed to at the hands of religion.

Issues original/classical feminism are concerned with:

1. The regressive left/social justice warriors have long accepted female genital mutilation as a “cultural practice,” sacrificing the human rights of girls and women out of cowardly fear of conflict or a creepy political correctness of cultural preservation despite cruelty, involuntary status, and complete violation of human rights. Female genital mutilation is not only inhumane, it is unethical and immoral by all universal and secular laws.

The crime of FGM is on the rise in the United States despite specific legislation at the federal level. As regressive leftists explain away this tortuous, barbaric abuse as “cultural practices” despite being explicitly illegal in western countries. However, with immigration from African and Mideastern countries western civilization must be perpetually vigilant.

FGM not only mutilates, but kills its victims. A specific case reported by NPR, an Egyptian doctor murdered thirteen year old Soheir. Where are these intersectional, third wave feminists for Soheir? Where is this specific brand of feminist for the millions of girls and women subjected to FGM?  “Globally, around 130 million women and girls are living with the effects from FGM and around 3 million undergo the procedure annually, according to the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).”

Female Genital Mutilation on the Rise in the U.S.

Egyptian Doctor Found Guilty of Female Genital Mutilation Isn’t In Jail

2. A Florida mother is jailed for fleeing to a domestic violence shelter with her four year old son after the “father” – a deadbeat dad – claims her baby needs to be circumcised for bed-wetting. Instead of ordering multiple medical opinions from more than one pediatric urologist and a psychological evaluation of the deadbeat sperm donor, a corrupt judge and court ordered her to sign a consent form – a consent form signed under duress – for her son to be circumcised. Note:  The mother has been jailed and away from her son simply because she refused to allow her baby to be mutilated. The four year old boy is terrified of this procedure.

(This particular story reminds me of an acquaintance who didn’t want her newborn circumcised. Her husband, the typical Alabama, white-trash guy responded:  “He needs to be so he looks like me.” This ugly justification reminds me of women who claim their daughters should suffer their same fate because:  “It was good enough for me, so  it’s good enough for you.”)

3. And this…

America has the highest maternal mortality rate of industrialized, first world countries. Women are dying in American hospitals, especially below the Mason-Dixon Line.

Giving Birth in America

Despite this…

The infant mortality rate is at a low, yet mothers are dying. This is because America has a fetus centric culture, as seen in the domestic terrorism of women’s clinics. Mothers are an afterthought at best. An example of this mentality:  America is the only first world country offering no federally protected maternity leave.

Infant death rate in US drops to historic low, CDC reports

4. As I’ve reported before, forced “adoptions” are commonplace in America due to pre-birth contracts, and the hunting and shaming of impoverished, single, and/or young mothers. It comes as no surprise, Alabama is worst state for forced adoptions/baby-selling.

Wrongful Adoption

Social justice warriors, regressive leftists, and third wave/intersectional feminists are concerned with silencing women like Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Maryam Namazie. Intersectional feminists support convicted abusers going transgender to be awarded with the “right” to invade women’s restrooms, clinics, all spaces designed specifically for a women’s needs. They advocate the erasing of femininity and masculinity, demonizing what they call “cis.” Intersectionalists excuse crimes against humanity, making excuses for FGM and the sexual slaves of ISIS while “creating a safe place” for Islamists. And, yes, it is the intersectionalists who are guilty of misandry.

A prime example of a first world “problem” that intersectionalists support:


Feminism is very much needed because of atrocities and crimes specific to female biology. Religion infiltrates culture(s), and is the enemy of girls and women. To those who may not know the very extreme differences between different brands of feminism, please don’t paint all feminists with a broad brush. I dislike intersectionalists as much as you. In fact, I prefer to call their movement just “intersectionalism” in order to separate these crazy creeps from feminism, which is a very much needed human rights movement.

FGM, acid attacks, forced adoptions, child marriage, Indian rape gangs, “honor” killings, terrorism against women’s clinics are all atrocities that are evidence of our need for feminism. Social justice warriors, regressive leftists, and intersectionalists have all hijacked feminism. We’ve got two choices:  We can allow them to do this, or we can take back a movement that belongs to human rights.