The Further Dehumanization of Women: Women in the Military

Biology, that is science and nature, are not egalitarian. Nature isn’t concerned with being fair. If nature was fair, women wouldn’t be the only ones having periods and birthing babies. Because our very nature isn’t necessarily fair, we need and deserve to be respected for everything our bodies do. Women have specific needs due to our biology, and we should be treated with respect. Please, men, go back to being gentlemen and treating women like ladies. Anyone who gives you hell for opening a door for a lady not only has a problem, but is the problem.

Women are built to have babies. Men are built to be protectors. Women experience bone density issues, and are more prone to hormonal psychosis. Men have the upper body, brute strength whereas women are more flexible. We have to be for our pelvises to stretch. Fun fact:  Did you know it can generally take up to eight months for a woman’s pelvis to completely heal from giving birth? And it’s not uncommon for women to have life-long bladder issues? Yes, this is partly the reason why there’s a perpetual line for the ladies room.

In relation to human rights, equality is not a literal concept. This needs to be said over and over until the obfuscation of this term is corrected. We can be equal in our differences of biology, specifically endocrinology, appreciating male and female physical attributes. And we can appreciate femininity and masculinity. Classical feminism (first wave feminism and second wave feminism) isn’t about women becoming and/or replacing men.

Equality in the societal, the intellectual sense, is about ensuring no one is subjugated because of her biology. (e.g. forced birth, forced adoption, rape) Equality is about reproductive freedom, women’s health issue addressed and represented instead of marginalized. Equality is about girls having as much access to educational opportunities as boys. This is an obvious fact to us in the West, yet still remains challenged in parts of Asia and Africa.

Equality is the ability to exercises personal autonomy. For example, reproductive rights – just because we’re built to have babies doesn’t mean we have to reproduce. The freedom to choose and be recognized as human beings with inherent human rights doesn’t erase biological, scientific fact. It doesn’t change the way our bodies work.

Equality is not about molding women into a post-feminist version of a man without a penis. Giving a woman a gun doesn’t make her equal. The United States military currently deploys nursing mothers with six months old babies. How sick, how damaged by political correctness and third wave/intersectional feminism does one have to be to think this is a great idea? It is grossly inhumane to the mother and her child.

What bipolar messages are sent to women!

  1. Change your name.
  2. Cook dinner.
  3. Have babies, but only under the prescribed conditions of society.
  4. Be a breadwinner.
  5. Stay home with your baby.
  6. Put your baby in daycare.
  7. Now, go fight a war.

My question:  Since liberals want to adopt a literal implication of equality, a “true” egalitarian state, when are men gonna start having periods and birthing babies? When are men going to get preggers and endure labor? Will men bleed every month, doubling over in throbbing cramps whilst praying to the porcelain god? Will men breast feed and feel the innate guilt mother’s experience at every decision she makes for herself and her child/ren? How will men cope with society’s ugly reaction when they choose to remain child-free? Will men be guilt-tripped for not playing up the martyr roll?

And all the above is exactly why girls and women deserve respect, our own unique brand that comes with what we are by nature, by biology.

If we have come to a point in time where women are no longer respected for what our bodies do as well as our inherent nurturer femininity, and treating a woman like a lady is considered a “privilege,” we’re fucked as a gender, as a sex, and ultimately as a species. We’ll stop having kids since we’ve become not only second class citizens, but also politically correct pawns for the military.

Military medical facilities are not set up to address the specific needs of the female body. Women in the military are treated as second class citizens. They have a difficult time receiving contraception in the field. And there’s the issues of harassment and rape that egalitarians and intersectional feminists blatantly overlook, which is the same attitude of the Pentagon and military industrial complex.

Those who jump on the knee-jerk bandwagon of support in regards to women in the military, specifically combat, do not realize that tests are modified for women. Women are coached and given more chances. If they weren’t, virtually no female would pass. The few that potentially could honestly pass are outliers. Fun fact:  A women’s menstrual cycle can give away a position in the field. There’s a very extra special smell that accompanies “Aunt Flo.” Now, imagine that smell after a couple days without a shower…. Rotten eggs, anyone?

It is popular to support the military industrial complex in its opportunistic manipulations of political correctness and the straw man fallacy of egalitarian politics. The U.S. military convolutes and manipulates feminism, playing on social justice warrior rhetoric. Hysterical egalitarian literalists, third wave feminists, and social justice warriors dumbly fall for the military’s ploy to increase the number of warm bodies. The military industrial complex is a business – a 600 billion dollar business. More bodies equal more funding. The Pentagon’s flirtation with progress is not a legitimate issue of equality. It’s a perversion of equality.

Former Army Secretary, John McHugh, perverts feminism and literalizes equality into a warped joke, claiming “true equality” is women registering for the draft. (He has also called for more military funding on our dime. Agenda, much?) It is truly disgusting to hear a man advocate for sending women into harm’s way. Just like the Kurdish men who fled and abandoned girls to fight, some American men explicitly admit that they’d do the same. The U.S. military has men, and self-defeating women, advocate the further dehumanizing of girls and women.

The NTS fallacy and black/white fallacy of “true equality”, or false dilemma, is thrown around ad nauseum when a person, especially a classical feminist, states that women shouldn’t be in the military, especially combat positions. The fallacious argument, which we’ve all heard, demands that women have two choices:  bare-foot and pregnant or drafted/”serve” in the military. Both neo-conservatives and regressive leftists commit this fallacy. Equality is not a choice of miseries.

Another fallacy is the emotional appeal of, “What if a woman wants to serve her country?” This particular fallacy is noxious in its inculcating of fascism and nationalistic indoctrination over individual autonomy and women’s rights. American’s jingoistic outlook has created a tribal mentality that will excuse any violation of human rights, eradicate femininity, break up families, and demeans motherhood.

An example of the form of military misogyny, and its own war on women and motherhood, is Alexis Hutchinson’s story. She refused to place her ten month old baby in foster care after the Army ordered her deployment to Afghanistan. The U.S. military demanded Hutchinson put her baby in foster care. She faced court martial and was discharged without veteran benefits. It is not only disgusting, but a crime, that anyone – militant or civilian – expects a mother to leave her baby to fight man’s war for oil and greed.

In the year 2015, women are incubators as well as pawns for the military industrial complex thanks to creeps like John McHugh, and the failure of a lady that is Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James. Of course it’d be a mannish woman advocating for women to be made equally as worthless as men. Women haven’t even achieved reproductive rights. In states such as Alabama, a fetus can be protected by the courts and declared a person. Birth certificates are written for the child to automatically receive the father’s last name, despite the fact men don’t bleed and tear open. Women are expected, and in some instances, required to take a man’s last name. We’re still not equally represented in government. We don’t even have federally protected maternity leave. The United States has the highest rate of maternal mortality out of industrial, first world countries. And, now, we are only considered equally worthless as men by the military and a large segment of the citizenry. We have entered the land of boys who won’t be men, and women with a hardcore case of penis envy.

Obviously, I’m not a fan of the military industrial complex, and certainly not the draft. The U.S. military is an industrial complex, a 600 billion dollar business rampant with rape and a penchant for sending nursing mothers into war, an ocean away from their babies. And years ago, as a wide-eyed undergrad, I was warned about all this ridiculous nonsense – nonsense that is now becoming a creepy reality.

A friend of mine, a retired veteran old enough to be my grandfather, said to me:  “You’re fighting for women to be as equally worthless as men. Why would you ever want that? You’re a lady, and you should be respected as such and treated with dignity.” I didn’t understand what he meant at the time. I was naive enough to think feminism couldn’t be warped. It was all about reproductive rights, protecting women and children from domestic violence, educational opportunities, and addressing the mistreatment of girls and women globally. It was years ago that my friend said this to me. How I wish I could tell him now I understand exactly what he meant. And that he was right.