Monsters Committed Cologne Assaults/Rapes

A floating dead baby in the water… the world sobs. I, as well as every other decent human being on this planet, was disgusted and saddened by the death of the Syrian boy who washed ashore a Turkish beach. The West opened its arms, especially Germany. The East sneered and offered to build mosques on our secular lands.

Sure, these refugees are Muslim. They’re just not the “right” kind of Muslim for the likes of Iran and Saudi Arabia. In the 21st century, the majority of Islamic countries remain grossly tribal and backwards. If they cut up the genital of girls and women, of course we can’t expect these cavemen to help Muslim refugees.

It’s okay to be empathetic. In fact, it’s a natural product of our evolution as a species. Altruism and cooperation makes us stronger. But it’s also okay and natural to be self-preserving and have a healthy sense of boundaries, tangible as well as intangible boundaries. It’s a balance that may seem difficult to find, but we must if we are going to continue to not only survive, but thrive, as a species.

Sure, the United States has a pretty good vetting process. Maybe Angela Merkel should have copy-catted us? But she didn’t. She’s a lovely person, a sweet women. But she too naively allowed in 800,000 refugees that are devastating her country. And her colleague, Henriette Reker, has responded as miserably to the sexual assaults and rapes as social justice warriors, regressive leftiests, and/or intersectional feminists. Reker, mayor of Cologne, victim blamed. She offered “advice” on a “code of conduct” informing girls and women how to dress and behave.

Last year, the world watched as Germany lead the word welcoming refugees with signs, flowers, and aid. And look how a large percentage of refugees responded this New Year’s Eve….

The Independent reports:

Police in Cologne say the number of criminal cases relating to violent attacks in the city on New Year’s Eve has risen above 500.

The German justice minister, Heiko Maas, said the authorities needed to work quickly to establish whether Cologne’s violence was linked to incidents reported in other cities.

The chief of police in Cologne has been sacked in the wake of the scandal, after up to 1,000 men were allowed to mug, accost and sexually abuse women in “coordinated” attacks in a city square.

Police said on Sunday that of the 516 criminal complaints made since the violence 10 days ago, around 40 per cent involved allegations of sexual offences.

Initial reports had suggested scores of women were targeted, while just 31 suspects have been detained by police for questioning, 18 of whom were asylum seekers.

Speaking to Bild, Mr Maas said: “If such a horde gathers in order to commit crimes, that appears in some form to be planned. Nobody can tell me that this was not coordinated or prepared.”

The regressive third wavers will tell you that you’re “racist” or “Islamophobic” for defending or sympathizing with the German victims. This is about as logical as the same regressives/SJWs calling you “transphobic” for identifying a uterus as a female sex organ. These intersectionalists will whine and point out that white guys rape too. Liberal regressives will remind everybody that not EVERY refugee participated in these assaults and rapes. Well, duh. These are lukewarm straw mans and ad hominem attacks to silence women rights activists, humanists, and anyone smart enough to not drink the SJW Kool-Aid.

The issue isn’t “Islamophobia” or that “white men rape too.” The issue is that a large number of women were assault and raped on New Year’s Eve by Syrian refugees. Obfuscating the facts, disingenuously name-calling reporters of the facts, and denying the fact that the Cologne sex assaults happened, is not only further victim blaming – it’s weak and cruel.

If refugees cannot adapt and accept Western secular values, then they shouldn’t be refugees. They need to stay in Syria, or whatever tribal shit-hole, that inculcates this Islamic misogyny. These criminals are not refugees; they are opportunists. Whether they use their primitive culture/misogynistic religion as an excuse or a cause of their actions, these criminals and perpetrators of violence against girls, women, Germany, and the West at large – only the very people who opened their arms to these creeps in a time of supposed need – deserve to be shipped back to ISIS.

Various reports on the percentage of male to female ratio among refugees litter the interwebs. But we do know that men have fled leaving behind women and children. Does it really matter how many? No. It’s the fact that opportunists have infiltrated the refugee crisis. Potentially, the West could accept only women and children. But there’d be the intersectional/regressive left outcry.

Even when cavemen from these countries claim to be all for women’s rights, the equations in their head isn’t women’s rights as in human rights, it’s women’s rights as in animal rights. Men, and some women, from primitive cultures and misogynistic religions regard girls and women as dogs, commodities, and slaves. A commentator on Reddit explains:

I’ve spent a significant time in the last 15 years in many of the countries that these asylum seekers are coming from, notably Afghanistan. The thing is, none of this surprises me, and not because these are bad people. In fact, the vast majority of people that I interacted with in these countries are no more evil than people in western countries. Some days, I think even less so, but that’s another debate.

The thing that I believe many people just have a hard time wrapping their heads around is how diametrically different local culture is to ours. In terms of equality, freedom, civil rights, democracy etc our culture has evolved in a truly profound way in the last century/couple of centuries.

Due to this, it becomes increasingly difficult for these people to understand or relate to our norms, but it also becomes increasingly difficult for us to fathom why other people have so much trouble embracing our norms.

I remember one day having been invited to a man’s house, and while he was sending his son to the kitchen to get the drinks and food his wife and daughters had prepared (it would have been improper for any of the women in his family to even serve us), he started telling me how important women rights were for him and how it was great that the west was doing so much. Thinking about it, I realized that this person genuinely thought that he was a paragon of women’s rights, and in his society he really would have been considered one, but by our norms even his ideals were patriarchal and bigotted.

The thing is, in many of these societies women have comparable rights and status to dogs in our society. You’re expected to take care of your dog and not mistreat it, but at the end of the day it’s your property and you do whatever you please with it. There are some people who think dogs should be taken care of, and there are even groups that call for equal rights (PETA) but they are viewed as fringe and extremists.

When we went in to namely Afghanistan, starting all these programs and throwing money around, it’s a little bit as if some country came to us throwing money around and started all these programs for dogs. Doggy university, doggy police programs (I guess that already exists), dogs in governement. As long as money is being thrown around, you don’t care, let them do their thing. But to you, your dog’s your dog, and though these weird people may be putting an outfit on him and sending him to work, he’s still only a dog to you. The day these people leave and the money stops being thrown around, your dog will go back to being a dog, hanging out on the couch licking his balls while you watch TV.

Now imagine that you end up living in this foreign country. There are dogs everywhere and people are telling you: “These dogs are actually just like us.” Do you really think you can begin to imagine these dogs being your equal?

Ok enough with the metaphor. But seriously, to a lot of these people the idea of women having rights is simply ridiculous. But there’s more. To many of these men, who have lived in a society where they have been forced to sexually repress themselves, the west is seen as a not only financial but also a sexual El Dorado. They have heard stories about how women are “loose and easy” and how all western women want sex. Coming from a society where many women are essentially hidden and never talk to non-family men, and coming to our society and having women dress and act in ways that we would consider as normal, is to these men the same as a women in a bikini staring at us and licking her lips is for us. The culture gap is just that big.

It’s when you combine these things, the lack of cultural belief that women are equals and the belief that all western women are dirty whores that you really get a powder keg.

Sometimes my young nieces in nephews will do something in public that isn’t appropriate, and you have to tell them “no you can’t do that, that’s not ok.” When you tell them that, they often have a bit of a confused look, as if saying “really I didn’t know that.” In many ways I feel like these migrants are the same.

The cultural gap is simply too wide, and integration either isn’t possible, or will require a lot of time and patience for each person. Now however, there is such an influx that this just isn’t possible. It’s like having special need kids. You need more staff to help them along, and if you have that special attention then it can work. But instead we are dropping hundreds of them into a one teacher classroom and acting surprised when there is pandemonium.

Yes, the comment is a bit regressive left for me. These are “bad” people; bad people advocate rape. We don’t owe creepy caveman, brain-washed by a work of fiction and a culture of rape and dehumanization of female life, “time and patience for each person.” The fact that the author of this Reddit comment pointed out that these men are like “special needs kids” suggest that we owe them education and resources. (Okay, I’m far from a politically correct person. But that’s an insult to mentally challenged, and to anyone who has ever ridden the short bus.) In fact, we owe them nothing, especially after the thanklessly ugly crimes and terrorism returned for our altruism.

I’m reminded of an internet adage I like: All monsters are human. Even though this Reddit metaphor or analogy is lacking, let’s not compare women to dogs. And let’s especially not hail the immorality, the lack of secular ethics of these Islamist men, as “animalistic,” as some have done. Let’s call their actions, culture, paradigm, and religion what it is – monstrous. Yes, white men commit crimes too. But these crimes are not systemic to a third world culture. Let’s call these men – these Islamists – what they are: monsters.