The Toxoplasmosis Superstition: Spontaneous Generation in a cat’s asshole is NOT a thing…

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Deworm your pets, people.

Toxoplasmosis is a protozoan parasite contracted by ingesting under-cooked meats and handling bird shit. The antibiotic Aldon is used to treat protozoans parasites. Common de-wormers address other issues such as ringworm. Keep your cats inside and don’t feed them raw meat, and they won’t contract this parasite. All mammals are susceptible to protozoan parasites, not just cats. Toxoplasmosis is as common in dogs as it is in cats.

Even though everyone may not be a science major, I thought everyone took basic biology in high school and/or college. I guess not. One of the simplest discredited notions that I learned in biology, as well as western civilization, is the pseudoscience superstitious belief in spontaneous generation. Merriam-Webster defines spontaneous generation: “a now discredited notion that living organisms spontaneously originate directly from nonliving matter —called also abiogenesis…”

Yes, that means that people once believed that life could spring up out of objects and non-living material, e.g. maggots created by rotten meat and not the larvae of flies. The rotting meat example was first tested in 1668 by Francesco Redi. It would be Louis Pasteur who completely debunked this grossly incorrect hypothesis, which still makes its rounds as current pseudoscience in the form of toxoplasmosis spontaneous generating in the bowels of household felines. Really stupid media sources, such as “The Young Turks,” have promoted such pseudoscience as spontaneous generation in their greed for a controversial soundbite. Unchecked dishonesty, fear-mongering, and pseudoscience regarding the origin and propagation of toxoplasmosis has resulted in thousands of abandoned pets.

As I’ve previously explained ad nauseam to the dumb as well as the willfully ignorant, toxoplasmosis is a protozoan parasite contracted by ingesting raw meat. Humans can be vectors, as well as cats, dogs, any other mammal. If your cat is strictly indoors, which means she’s not hunting and ingesting raw meat, your cat is not going to contract toxoplasmosis. If YOU don’t eat under-cooked and/or raw meat, you won’t contract toxoplasmosis. Toxoplasmosis does not spontaneously generate in the bowels or fecal matter of house cats. No, a pregnant woman cannot spontaneously generate toxoplasmosis in her uterus via exposure to a cat.

Why do some doctors continue to purposefully misinform the public in regards to toxoplasmosis? They’re afraid of lawsuits. Tell a lie long enough, it becomes the truth. This is a money making business in a world were money talks and bullshit walks. Just ask “The Young Turks.” Plus, just because someone’s a doctor or specialist in one area doesn’t mean he’s not an idiot in every other topic.

The BMJ addressed the sources of toxoplasma gondii infection in pregancy back in 2000. Really, debunking soundbites is not that difficult to do. Google, academic sources, and cross-referencing are things. According to this peer-reviewed journal, “Undercooked or cured meat is the main risk factor for toxoplasmosis in pregnancy…” The journal also advises to wash hands after gardening and/or handling soil “because soil, not cats, is the main culprit.” Now, doesn’t that make sense? Animals shit in soil, and this parasite is found in the shit of animals that ingest raw meat. Therefore, wash your hands after digging around in soil because feral cats or some other outdoor mammal may have shat in your yard. And now we’re back to basic germ theory….

Is it really that difficult to avoid poorly prepared foods and wash your damn hands? If the answer is yes, please feel free remove yourself from the gene pool.