Do MRAs support female genital mutilation?

IMG_20150926_081033We’ve seen them on various forums and social media comparing and contrasting FGM with the practice of medical circumcision, which most of the educated western world now regards as mutilation. In fact, male infant circumcision was one of the first topics I brought up to my husband. If I have a son, no one is cutting on my baby. All forms of genital cutting is mutilation. The practice of it is a crime against humanity perpetuated by patriarchs (patriarchs can be female too), insular cultures, and religions.

If you are the type of person that has to conflate horrors of female genital mutilation to newborn mutilation practiced in American hospitals, you’re not much of a person. First of all, no one need compare and contrast inhumanities to justify activism to incite change. It’s not a competition of who has the best sob story for a Lifetime movie. Why would anyone want it to be? Thirdly, even the “lesser” forms of FGM removes a sex organ – the clitoris.

Screenshot_2016-02-16-03-50-42-1Since MRA perverts want to make it a contest, let’s compare and contrast. If a creep is going to do the tit for tat fallacy regarding all forms of genital mutilation, we need to first call them out as uneducated and attention-seeking. Obviously, MRAs are completely unfamiliar with female genitalia. It would be “equal” to male circumcision if half to the entire penis was removed. Is that a blatant enough explanation for you?

In severe forms of FGM, the girl or woman is scrapped bare. Only enough flesh to almost completely close off the vagina is left. A small hole is created for menstrual blood and urine. Remember, MRA creeps, where a women’s urethra is located. Yes, that means the inner and outer lips are hacked off. Extreme FGM is done not to newborns, but to girls and women between the ages of five to their first pregnancy. The victims of FGM are very conscious and aware; there’s no analgesic provided, usually a filthy “ceremonial” razor is used. Severity of FGM is dependent on individual tribal customs and location. Several African countries have banned FGM, although is it proving difficult to enforce. Complications and consequences of female genital mutilation range from immediate death from infection(s) or hemorrhaging, chronic urinary tract/bladder/kidney issues, chronic pain and infections, pain during intercourse, severe nerve damage, complications in pregnancy and birth, increase in risk to maternal and infant mortality.

As I stated earlier, all forms of genital mutilation is mutilation. Yes, some are even more severe and horrific. But let’s not make it a contest of which is worse. We all know which is worse, at least those of us who are educated humanists/classical feminists. The practice of medical circumcision in western hospitals is mutilation. It is not medically necessary, even though that is the myth perpetuated in conventional wisdom. And we all know conventional wisdom is an oxymoron. There’s nothing wise about it.

Why did I write this blog post? Because I’ve encountered creeps via Twitter stating that newborn GM is as bad, or worse, than FGM. These creeps lose allies for their cause due to dishonesty and ugliness. It’s disturbing they feel the need to lie to sway public opinion. And, yes, I’ve seen them – MRA creeps – dismiss FGM, and even advocate for mutilating girls and women. If this is the case, are they even truly concerned about newborn boys? MRA creeps and perverts use genital mutilation as an excuse to incite unnecessary controversy and misogyny. (You know who also immaturely stacks and compares human rights violations? Intersectionalists.)

All forms of genital mutilation is a feminist issue. Mommies and babies are psychologically the same the first eighteen months after birth. Their biorhythms are in sync; babies know their mother’s scent. Mom’s breast milk adapts for her baby, producing the specific nutrients her child’s immune system needs. Anything that affects baby affects mama. For classical feminists like myself, newborn GM is a feminist issue. It’s a human rights violation. And it has to be women who lead the fight against all forms of GM because we can do so without making it a contest of the biggest sob story. It starts with mothers, as most of my friends have done, refusing to allow their partners, culture, religion, familial influence, and doctors to mutilate their babies.