The World’s Smallest Violin

Men’s rights are human rights. Men have never been a disenfranchised or marginalized group due to sex and/or gender. And they shouldn’t be. Ever. Period. Now, let’s make women’s rights part of human rights. As soon as that’s accomplished, we can truly say feminism was a great historical movement from our post-feminist future. And we’ll all be what we should be – humanists.

The Boogeyman that is “meninism” was created, maybe inadvertently so, by misandrist third wave feminists. My friend presented the idea that MRAs are just an intersectional boogeyman. He posits that not many American men would consider themselves a part of such a fringe movement. I agree. This uniquely American mockery of feminism is – at best – a backlash joke of a movement in response to the silly extreme of Intersectionality, or third wave feminism.

It’s vogue to be a victim of first world problems. Everyone wants a sob story to buy them relevance. This is why really sick men will claim that men are just as harassed, historically oppressed, marginalized and disenfranchised as much as women. They’ll even tweet out their whiny op-ed pieces and links to their alternative”facts.” Of course none of their sources are ever legitimate, or academically backed by hard statistics and research literature.

Even a broken clock is right twice a day. The broken clock that’s “meninism”has some potential points. Men commit horrible acts of violence against men. The problem is it’s not salacious enough to point out it is other men hurting men, just like intersectionalists don’t want to admit women oppress other women. Three close guy friends confided in me regarding their sexual assaults – they were assaulted by other men. But it’s not politically correct to point out that men rape men too. You’ll be branded a homophobe. The issues of domestic violence in homosexual relationships and bullying/hazing are serious issues. Scapegoating women and whining like social justice warrior brats will not resolve issues of male on male violence.


My husband, my physicist, likens MRAs to Klansmen. As Southerners, we’ve seen the backlash movement to “the war of Northern aggression” and civil rights – the Ku Klux Klan. MRAs have the same semantics, the same extreme rhetoric that accompanies every radical fringe factions. The “Oh, no… *gasp* …the oppressed are oppressing the oppressors!” Fallacious claims by MRAs denies domestic violence, excuses female genital mutilation, and cries for “legalized rape.” Just like its nemesis Intersectionality/third wave feminism, meninism cries wolf. Instead of confronting real issues of male on male violence, MRA crap is just another brand of misogyny.