Dear dudebros, while you were tweeting out your twats on Twitter…

My Twitter sister, Aki Muthali, coined a pretty funny term:  “dudebros”… oh, but what are dudebros? Apparently, it’s a club where guys, primarily flying the banner of some brand of atheism like Christians whoring specific denominations, get up on Twitter and incessantly “tweet out their twats.” The metaphorical “tweeting twat” phrase is none other than one of ma belles who deleted her account after a friend of a friend received rape/death threats and body shaming vulgarities.

The Internet is a beautiful thing. Information and education at your finger tips, finally a majority of people can have equal access to knowledge. The interwebs bring people together, iconoclasts and free-thinkers from all nations. But there are those who would make the Internet a very ugly place, a rotten field of psychological landmines. Whether it’s just bad information, propaganda, slander, “trolling”, bullies/cry-bullies, creeps, social rejects, SJW brats, misogynists, terrorists, etc., those of us who are decent human beings must be examples and keep raising the bar of conduct and content. Keeping our standards high, we deter misuse of the interwebs. Yes, I’ve seen individuals displaying their entire ass for the rest of us to view. And, yes, these are usually anonymous accounts, which brings up the question if Twitter should allow for such accounts. But that’s going off topic.

How do I deal with brats and bad behavior? Expose it, report it, or just ignore it. Also, I screen-shoot all shit. That’s not to say some creeps may not deserve you giving them hell right back – just make sure you give ’em hell with class. And don’t waste too much time on rejects. Most of these social rejects live really sad, empty lives. They lash out at the world looking for attention and validation. This is why they “troll” and play at being “offended” online.

When fanatical fans do get stupendously stupid, tweeting and emailing threats, such violatile behavior unfairly reflects back on the object of their adoration. Sam Harris and Senator Bernie Sanders have both unfairly received damaging press because of the abuse hurled around the Internet by their supposed fans. I’ve read almost every book Harris has written. His writings helped me tremendously when I needed a source for the discrimination we face as atheists. I’m a delegate for Bernie in the state of Alabama. I love both these guys so much! And it pains me to see them shoulder the ultimate burden of the hateful conduct said and done in their names.

Bill Maher has pointed out on more than one occasion that these extremes, the “safe space” brats and Trump wanna-bes, have created a black and white either/or fallacy, where it’s two choices:  a coddled tittie baby or an epic asshole. Both are incorrect. Both are forms of emotional terrorism. You know this. I’ve said this. And great minds like Maher have called it. We cannot allow either extreme to take and keep the floor. Extremes are not only unhealthy, they will get you killed.

The excuse “that’s the way the Internet is” is just that – a pathetic, weak excuse. If humanity had thrown up its collective hands and exclaimed, “Well, that’s just the way it is…”, we’d never have climbed down from the trees, let alone crawled out of the sea. Raise the bar of conversation and discussion. That isn’t to say don’t defend yourselves. I’m saying play it like a gentleman Vulcan. It’s really sad when you ask a guy if he’d mind men talking to his daughter in the disgusting manner displayed on social media by the lowest common denominator, and he makes excuses for strange males he doesn’t even know. The “if my daughter behaved a certain way” excuse is just creepy and sad.

I’ve dropped the term “new atheist” after witnessing nastiness from too many of them. There’s a happy medium between the safe space verbiage and Mad Max crap. To support either extreme behavior is juvenile and shows a lack of self-respect. Remember, you are who you associate yourselves with. And if you don’t respect yourselves, ain’t nobody gonna respect you.

I shall end this post with my title…  Dear dude-bros, while you were tweeting out your twats on Twitter:   I hands-on fought domestic adoption trafficking, called my mama to tell her I love her, read a book, held my husband, spent time in the woods, taught someone to write, did Pilates, hugged a cat, cooked dinner, drank some wine…. I live my life. And instead of using your modus operandi and calling you dude-bros vulgar names, this is how I roll – I wish you a love that will bring you happiness and stability. I wish you serenity and balance. I wish you joy. I hope you discover what really matters in life before the last leaf falls from your tree, and you enter the winter of your life.

true love