Atheism is not your toilet paper…

Atheism is a negation – the word atheist is a negative. What does that mean? As I’ve stated before, the “a” is a prefix that means “without” and/or “lacking.” Atheism simply means without a god and/or religion. Please. Everybody finally understand that. Is atheism a religion? No, it’s a lack of religion. Being an atheist means lacking a god and a religion. Do I need to repeat this again? That’s all atheism is – a negation of a godhead and religion.

I’m actually not writing this blog post for theists, but for atheists. Yes, it seems a god isn’t the only thing atheists lack – atheists themselves lack a fucking clue as to what their label actually means. Why is this a thing? Our physicist buddy “Oxford Dave” calls it like it is:  “A lot of guys think atheism makes them smart.” Yep, if you’re a pseudo intellectual wanna-be rebel without a cause, “atheist” makes ya sound really smart! Because atheists know about science and evolution and are all skeptical and shit!

So, come one come all! Atheism will make you a genius by osmosis. Just follow one of the pedagogues and vomit out some really profound shit that can pass as logic… No. Nope. Just fucking no. That, my grasshoppers, is not how it works. Instead, that’s exactly how you dress atheism up like a religion, giving a couple points to the theists who claim atheism is indeed a religion.

To the social rejects of Atheism Plus and New Atheism alike, sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up. (Yes, a southern belle just got real on your ass.) In your extremes, you’ve done enough stupid to a word that many of us in truly provincial areas are trying hard to demystify and just let be what it is:  A STATE OF BEING WITHOUT RELIGION, WITHOUT A GODHEAD. When you dress up atheism with all your identity politics, personal issues, and hateful bullshit, you’re not helping atheists- that is people who simply lack religions and gods AND want to live a life where we are FREE to do so. You’re actually hurting those of us in regions where being non-religious is anathema.

Embracing the word atheist simply means embracing freedom from religion and superstition. My husband’s always been an atheist, but as he says, he never really thought of it as an official label. He’s a scientist, so being an atheist – without beliefs in the supernatural – is a natural state for him. For me, embracing the term is just part of demystifying living a life without the cult mentality of religion.

When rabid intersectionalists and mud-slinging dudebros warp atheism at large with their cult tantrums and pedagogue prophets, they make just the word “atheist” look ridiculous. Everyone else sees just atheism, not the goons hijacking it. Those lacking full insight into the petty Twitter feuds and gender studies wars, just see atheism in its entirety as some batshit-crazy hipster bullshit. Hey, chauvinist dudebros, how do you like being grouped up with hipsters? And as far as “intersectionalism,” you say that word around Bama and folks think you’re talking about the interstate, or just being vulgar.

Atheism isn’t a platform, it’s a negation – the lack of god/religion. That’s it. That’s all. Don’t like that? Well, as we say in Dixie, you can go shit in your hand.