“Are you offended?” (3 Things People Need To Stop Doing)

3 things people need to stop doing:

  1. Whoring out “advice” and statistics to prove your infinite wisdom on someone else’s personal situation. I don’t give one rabbit turd how much of a refined expert you may be, or how many “sources” you personally know, YOU do not get to make decisions and leave commentary in another’s life. This goes for emeritus scientists to the most illiterate laypersons – stop telling people what to do and let them live their lives. If you don’t know the full story, the backstory, and you weren’t there to help a person in their time of need, then shut the fuck up and sit the fuck down. Not every single scenario will fit your stereotyping one-size-fits-all statistics. Not every story reflects the accounts of your cousin, friend’s wife, and that neighbor down the street.
  2. Attn:  misogynists, atheist dudebros, female patriarchs, neocons, and conservatives – “No” stands alone as a complete sentence. “No” does not mean convince me. “No” is not one of those logical fallacies that you whore out despite your vast ignorance of logic. When someone says no, and/or tells you to stop, you need to do just that. When a personal conviction or matter is not open for debate, it’s not open for debate. “No” means no. It’s that simple.
  3. What grade are you in? Claiming others are just “offended” by your inappropriately pimped out feelings and convictions is you being defensive when told to stop making everything about you and your issues. What do I mean by inappropriately? Being the joy-kill at every recreational event with your controversial politics, whoring out your brand of religion, posting religious blessings or political statements on a public page that has absolutely nothing to do with religion/politics, being that relative to ruin every family dinner with your issues, making every facet of life about you and your convictions… There are times and places for debate. Know these times and places. It’s part of being an adult. Your opinion is not everyone’s business; don’t make your issues another person’s business. That’s not others being “offended” by your brat behavior – it’s just you being dramatic, immature, and an attention whore.