Intersectionality Fails Women & Feminism

(This blog post was originally a Facebook post. However, the length and response to it makes it an appropriate blog post as well.)

FYI, for the few of you who have liked and followed my debunking the bullshit on the intersectional/3rd wave feminism page “Women’s Rights News”: Now this page calls for women to be drafted into militaries. Again, intersectional 3rd wave feminism isn’t about making women’s rights human rights. Intersectionality is about bringing everyone down to the “equal” common denominator – in other words, gutter level. These cretins claim one can’t be a feminist without agreeing with everything on their list. Hmmm. Sounds like the NTS fallacy. Let’s debunk this one stupendously stupid objective of the “Borg Collective”:

1. Science denial of intersectionalists – Women and men are biologically designed (by whatever you choose to give credit too) for different things. And men got the upper body strength and physical constitution in that deal. From our endocrinology to psychology, the sexes are wired differently. Logically, equality is men and women recognized as equal in our differences. It’s not a literal concept when pertaining to physicality. “Equality” has become a buzzword much maligned by radicals.
2. Supporting a draft wasn’t classically feminist at all. Women didn’t want their sons involuntarily taken off to war. The treatment of Vietnam veterans is a mar on the 20th century.
3. Women are more vulnerable physically to ordeals. That’s a fact. Women can get pregnant. And unless you’re a certain type of Republican, you know that pregnancy results from rape. Bosnia is a not too distant example of an attempt at genetic cleansing via women.
4. That menstrual smell gives away one’s position in the field. I am not kidding. Ask a veteran. Google that shit.
5. Changing a tampon in a tank….
6. Breast feeding mothers called to active duty. Yes, this has happened numerous times. Mothers are forced to leave their 6 month olds. See my blog, or look it up yourself. The military is an industry. You think an industrial complex respects motherhood?
7. Erasing masculinity by trivializing what is naturally more masculine is a facet of misandry.
8. Men (with exceptions, such as the Iraqi and Syrian cowards) are wired to be protectors. Not only do women have lower bone density and strength, but men are wired to protect women. It’s primal. Yes, this is actually a thing. Look it up.

Historically, feminism isn’t about erasing/replacing men. And it certainly isn’t about war mongering. Feminism is about women being recognized as human beings, not treated as chattel. From the vote to reproductive rights, the movement is about autonomy and liberty. To be recognized as equals in our biological differences, not to become physically the same as men. 1st and 2nd wave feminism demanded respect, credit, and recognition for attributes unique to women. Intersectionality/3rd wave insults and criticizes femininity and anything labeled traditionally female. From stay-at-home mommies to quilting as a hobby, 3rd wavers bully women who don’t buy into their jargon, extremism, and pseudo brand of equality.