The Nuances of Gaslighting

Gaslighting, a form of emotional terrorism and favorite tactic of the everyday psychopath, has various forms. I’ve broken down gaslighting into three categories. Attached is an excellent elucidation of gaslighting, a prominent component of what I coined emotional terrorism in one of my more popular blog posts.

1) Social Gaslighting: Crybullies often use this method to guilt targets into questioning their own decisions and opinions, even education. A prime example is the SJW movement and their science denial regarding human anatomy and biology. They can’t win with facts -science and statistics- so they resort to emotional appeals, shaming, and demonizing dissenting voices with negative labels for every branding of bigotry.

2) Human Rights Gaslighting: An obvious example is the gaslighting proganda of ‪#‎adoptiontrafficking‬ fed to both natural mothers and adopters by a multi-billion dollar industry that banks on selling newborns from the poor and marginalized. Mothers are guilted, gas-lighted, into believing they are unworthy of their own babies because they are poor, single, too young, too old, etc. As my fellow sister (Jennifer Wachowski) in the fight against adoption trafficking says, “It’s taking a figurative gun and holding it to her unborn baby’s head and stating, ‘this is what will happen if your child stays with you’.”adoption gaslighting

Adopters are fed the nonsense that they’re “saving” a baby from a bad “birth mother” who either is a whore, druggie, or both. In actuality, these mothers are impoverished, under duress, and/or under-insured, and sometimes these mothers are in a long term relationship. No, they are definitely not druggies. Do you really think an industry banking on selling babies would pursue druggies to reproduce their products?

An example of gaslighting via the adoption industry and the debunking if its bullshit:

3) Personal Gaslighting: In the last two years, I’ve assisted two women in their escape from abusive relationships – domestic abuse. Both situations were similar to what I experienced. Gaslighting is the means of psychological control abusive men utilized to mentally control my friends.

gaslighting-memeOne abusive exhusband had my friend convinced she was worthless and would be better off dead. He would make toxic remarks such as, “I’m surprised you’re not a cutter”… “We all would be better off if you were dead.” Why his goal of talking my friend into suicide? He was the beneficiary to her inheritance. This creep is a popular yoga instructor. Many of the yogis in this particular community supported him because he’s a local guru of newage woo.

The other deadly relationship was much like the quote below. The ex messed with her belongings – from randomly, very violently, breaking things, then claiming the painting or bauble must have thrown itself against a wall. The ex would emotionally assault my friend through passive aggression, intimidation, shaming, and altering her perceptions with lies. When my friend reacted emotionally, he would convince her she was crazy – she was just over-sensitive to his “jokes” and sense of humor. Of course, there is a history of physical abuse in this case. From threatening to throw her cat off an interstate bridge, to claiming he would kidnap her hypothetical kids, he is a psychopath at large.

Creeps like these two monsters just move to the next vulnerable meal ticket.

Quote from the Higher Perspective article linked: “Gaslighting is one of the scarier ways that someone can control another. In it the manipulator seeks to dissolve the victim’s faith in their own judgments and perceptions. When successful the victim doesn’t trust their own opinion or perspective. It comes from a 1930’s film ‘Gaslight’. In the film a husband attempts to drive his wife insane by subtly changing her environment and claiming that nothing is wrong or changed.”


Gaslighting: You Need To Understand This Sophisticated Manipulation Tactic

The Gaslight Effect, Dr. Robin Stern