Do you want your 5 year old daughter using a restroom stall next to a 50 year old man?

Unisex public restrooms? If you think the issue is about feelings, you’re selling soundbite propaganda chocked full of fallacious intent and victim shaming. Proud of that? Personal safety is paramount to everyone’s feelings. Get your facts straight before you jump on a bandwagon to look like such a good person by sharing what, in your supreme ignorance, you fancy is a really witty SJW meme. Here’s a fact for you:

96% of people who sexually abuse children are male, and 76.8% of people who sexually abuse children are adults ~ National Sexual Violence Resource Center

Even Bill Maher got this one wrong. The issue isn’t about a single-seater, or private, unisex bathrooms. It’s about large public restrooms. The bathroom in your home is a bathroom, not an open public restroom occupied by strangers. And if you believe it’s “transphobic” to put the safety of children above grown people born with an XY chromosome, then ask yourself this question: Why is the argument about “transwomen” using the women’s restroom and not about “transmen” using the men’s restroom?

The false equivalency claim that men dressed as women being denied access to women’s restrooms is comparable to racism and sexism, is an egregious insult to every survivor of racism and sexism. Also, riding on the coattails of the civil rights victory of gay marriage is despicable. Trans isn’t a sexual orientation; it’s gender body dysmorphia. Transgenderism is gender studies nonsense masking mental illness – body integrity identity disorder, specifically apotemnophilia. Obfuscating the facts, fraudulently misrepresenting reality, is not only dishonest – it’s grotesque.

*Women take their underage sons to the women’s restroom or family restrooms for the very same reason – perverts. All children – girl or boy – go to the women’s restroom. Our male dominated society is now becoming a male dominated SJW society, so they’ve conveniently forgotten this fact. Remember, it’s men who say shit like, “I have a daughter now, so I understand the need for women’s rights.” Women have always protected their sons and daughters.