“Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.”

Here’s a visualization for you:  This is a coin. Ironically, I’m holding in my hand a Susan B. Anthony dollar. This coin is a metaphor for any extreme dichotomy, however, I am specifying it to two types of social rejects:  One side is for the gaslighting social justice warrior, and the other side is for the sexist dudebro. Both contentious sides are two zealous extremes. If you’re aligned with either groupmind, you’re just one side of the same coin. In your hatred and nastiness, you are the same.

If you want to be recognized as an educated and logical individual, then joining a club that expects blind obedience and ubiquitous agreement with a demagogue may not be the path for you. If you are on this path, you haven’t progressed any further than the religions you oppose. How do you correct and change immature behavior? Lucky you, I’ve made a list for of the very real, entire ass showing, stupidity I’ve seen from before sides of the proverbial coin.

Social Media Decorum:

  • Mold your standpoints with logic and empathy. Logic without emotion is psychopathy. Emotion without logic is hysteria.
  • The anonymity of social media is not a permission slip for you to show your entire ass to the rest of the virtual world.
  • The brevity of Twitter in particular makes it exceedingly difficult to properly convey your tone. Be aware of your tone. This is partly where you show your audience if you’re educated or not. If you don’t understand what I mean by tone, please consult the academic link provided:  Purdue Owl: Tone in Business Writing
  • Don’t grammar and spell check. It’s rude. I’m an English teacher, and I do not do this to people. Auto-correct is great at mixing up words and contractions. I’m sure you’ve experienced this. Ask someone for clarification if you don’t understand them.
  • If you’re going to play at using logical fallacies, whether to expose or commit these little boogers, educate yourself on what logical fallacies are and how they work. If you didn’t take a course in collegiate logic, it is your responsibility to educate yourself. Again, I have provided a link:  yourlogicalfallacyis.com
  • Know and understand the difference between an analogy and a false equivalency.
  • Know and understand the difference between an opinion and a claim. Yes, they are two different beasts. And this leads us to my next item…
  • Stop demanding proof and evidence. No one owes you an explanation. You are not entitled to demand proof on social media. It’s social media, not a Physics conference. And to further your education on specific fallacies, these are the fallacies you’re committing when you obnoxiously demand someone “show evidence.” 1) burden of proof fallacy ~ If you want to argue, you present your proof and invite your opposition to do the same. “…to dismiss something on the basis that it hasn’t been proven beyond all doubt is also fallacious reasoning.” 2) fallacy fallacy ~ Just because a claim is poorly argued doesn’t mean it’s incorrect.
  • For the love of no god, stop misusing and overusing the no true scotsman fallacy. This only makes you look especially dense. And even though the NTS fallacy is the easiest to comprehend, dudebros and SJWs alike get it wrong. One of the most blatantly dumb misrepresentations of NTS fallacy I’ve witnessed is exactly calling this example a NTS fallacy:  If I state that I do not befriend intersectionalists, I am not saying that they don’t exist. I’m saying I don’t keep them as friends.
  • Stop giving a shit about name-calling. Stop caring about who’s calling your demagogue a name. Are you still in middle school?  Name-calling is just that – name calling. It’s not campaign of defamation of character or slander; it’s some coward resorting to name-calling. Don’t validate the coward by giving a damn.
  • Don’t lose tract of who you’re tweeting or messaging, or on which Facebook post you’re commenting. Don’t lose the point. When on Twitter, don’t randomly include people’s handles in your tweets, or forget who you are conversing within 140 characters. All the above makes you look schizoid. I, personally, have been mistaken for an attorney, and included in exchanges I didn’t know previously existed. People aren’t impressed by a litany of indecipherable bullshit. Such mistakes just make you look like you have Alzheimer.
  • You may think being an asshole is cute and funny – it’s not. When you have to bully to make your point, it exposes your ignorance. You just look like a pompous ass – the donkey variety.
  • Crybullying and gaslighting are no better than the asshole card. In fact, they’re actually more insidious. When you resort to these manipulating tactics, you’ve gone creepy. Don’t be creepy.
  • Avoid extreme emotional outbursts by controlling your emotions. Don’t get carried away in a heated moment and post something you can’t take back. Remember, people screen-shoot.
  • Don’t pretend you’re Spock. This is a character dudebros attempt to play. And it’s an insult to Star Trek. I’m well versed in Star Trek mythology – I actually read the novels of the original series. If the fictional character of Spock sprang to life, he’d prefer rational individuals to rabid extremism.
  • Remember, logic and emotion go hand in hand. Keep the internal balance. Without emotion, cruelty prevails. Without logic, shit gets stupid quick.
  • No one wants to hear any further bullshit about who did what and who said what. I do not care. Your issues are not our issues, especially when you behave like children by pointing fingers at each other.
  • “You don’t have to attend every argument you’re invited to.” I love that adage. It’s not a “red herring” when a person declines to argue with you. It’s a refusal to enter an argument. “No”does not mean “convince me.” “No” is a complete sentence; “no” is not a “maybe.” No one owes you an argument. No one owes you their attention.
  • Freedom of speech does not include rape and death threats. Rape and death threats, written and spoken threats, are verbal assault. This is not my opinion. It’s the law. And, yes, there is a probability the FBI will knock on your door.

Those who know me on social media haven’t seen me dog-cuss an individual, or loss my temper. This is because I don’t take things that complete strangers and mere acquaintances think, say, and feel personally. Frankly, I don’t give a damn. I call out groupminds, and my blog exposes human rights violations and ridiculous bullshit. I don’t spend my life worrying with private individuals. This is one reason folks compliment me on how polite I am to them. Even when I am pressed call out someone for abusive behavior, I still take the high road. And when I am completely done with someone, I go Scarlett on them in private.

Let people live their lives. If they’re not bothering you, let them post and tweet about whatever crap they feel the need to soap-box. That’s not “having a safe space.” It’s being respectful of boundaries. You don’t own a person’s private account – they do. There are public forums and websites where you may argue the hell out of your life. Don’t make your personal issues public. Have some class. For the record, most folks will never give a damn about your politics and issues. What they do give a damn about is you being a joykill. Stop making social media an ugly place with your extremism.