Just a thoughtful Facebook post inspired by The Atlas of Beauty….

I found this lovely page via Facebook, The Atlas of Beauty, about one woman’s photography – she travels the world photographing women, depicting all the variations of beauty. Several women have received positive recognition; their situations have greatly improved. The expressions on some faces are haunting. One personal story involved a mother overcoming HELLP, a rare […]

Yes, The West Needs Some Kind of Women’s Rights Movement

Currently, the United States ranks worst among first-world developed countries regarding maternal care, women’s health, public policy, mother’s rights, AND child healthcare/welfare. (US ‘worst place to be a mother’ among developed nations) Thank any mom brave enough to have a child in a country that guarantees no maternity leave, offers no job protection, makes women dependent on […]

Classical Feminism ~ I define my phraseology…

What is classical feminism? And why have I coined this term? Because I’ve watched, since the late 1990s, the hijacking of feminism by what was called “the third wave” – now intersectionality or intersectionalism. First wave gave us the vote in 1920. Second wave was very sex positive, introducing birth-control, and attempted to solidify the […]