Classical Feminism ~ I define my phraseology…

Note:  For whatever reason, this particular blog post I wrote has gone somewhat viral. Therefore, I’ve updated this post. And I want to be very clear that I don’t currently embrace the label “feminist” because of the cruelty and sociopathic bullying I’ve seen toward what the Left is calling traditional women – biological, feminine, authentic females. Girls and women are told by social justice warrior brats and dudebros alike that we must forsake our inherent biology and femininity in order to gain full human rights. Human rights are inherent; no infantile adult, no backwards culture, and no beta male can take rights away. For further examples, please see:  “A Feminist No Longer”“Senate Vote Fails Women: Intersectionalists, SJWs, Misogynists & Fascists Unite Against Women”

What is classical feminism? And why have I coined this term? Because I’ve watched, since the late 1990s, the hijacking of feminism by what was called “the third wave” – now intersectionality or intersectionalism. First wave gave us the vote in 1920. Second wave was very sex positive, introducing birth-control, and attempted to solidify the legal protection of reproductive rights. But toward the end of second wave and the beginnings of third, a Frankenstein emerged:  intersectionality.

Intersectionality promised great things; but, instead of focusing on what they claimed to care about – global issues and an obvious inclusion of women of color – “social justice warrior” issues became their relentless focus instead of human rights violations specific to girls and women. For example, intersectionalists will harp on trivial non issues – from what they deem an appropriate graphic for a man’s shirt, to making everyone as “equally” worthless. Their latest fad is the transgender nonsense. Ironic, that a historical movement fighting for women’s rights to be recognized as human rights, devolves into carrying the banner for men to dress as women and pretend to be little girls.

Classical feminism focuses on the human right violations of girls and women. From fighting global atrocities, such as female genital mutilation, to protecting both reproductive rights and motherhood, classical feminism is the recognition of women’s rights as human rights.

20180611_071332Classical feminism celebrates femininity instead of denouncing it. Classical feminism recognizes equality of the sexes in their biological differences, not the disregard and ignorant science denial of biological differences between the sexes intersectionalists embrace. We are equal in our differences. We’re not biologically the same. And, recall the first definition of equality – same. Equality is not the literal, tangible thing as intersectionalists, leftists, and social justice warriors would have us believe. Like the egalitarian dudebros, the “you’re not equal until you can be drafted” logical fallacy is pimped out by the Left. To demand that women deny our femininity and biology in order to gain full human rights is not just fallacious, it’s misogyny.


First and second wave feminism is classical feminism. Maybe classical feminism will eventually be successful on the global scale. The derailment of the movement that’s intersectionality is starting to be recognized by many for what it is – a hijacking Frankenstein’s monster.

20180611_070731If you believe girls should be educated, you’re a classical feminist. If you practice safe sex and use any form of birth-control and abortion, you’re a feminist. If you think women should have their own bank accounts, credit cards, and businesses, you’re a feminist. If you believe women have the right to privacy, you’re a feminist. If you consider the individual decision to be a stay-at-home a personal choice and not open for public input, you’re a feminist. If you support maternity leave, you’re a feminist. If yes to any of the above, you are a feminist – a classical feminist.

If you’re concerned with T-shirts and gender studies issues, you’re an intersectionalist. It is imperative that classical feminists and the media at large, from vblogs to mass media, stop referring to intersectionality as feminism. Even if a person despises progress and women’s rights, they should still acknowledge the very stark difference between feminism and intersectionality. Elizabeth Warren is a feminist. Rebecca Watson is an intersectionalist. Know the difference.


*Featured image is Hedy Lamarr, film star and inventor of wireless transmission technology.  (18 Women Who Changed The World Through Their Genius Inventions)