Just a thoughtful Facebook post inspired by The Atlas of Beauty….

I found this lovely page via Facebook, The Atlas of Beauty, about one woman’s photography – she travels the world photographing women, depicting all the variations of beauty. Several women have received positive recognition; their situations have greatly improved. The expressions on some faces are haunting.

One personal story involved a mother overcoming HELLP, a rare condition in pregnancy that causes brain trauma and blindness. This made me think of all the horrible bodily things that women endure – how women are never recognized and thanked for our biology. Those of you who are pro-birthers, ask yourself this: “Would I have a woman go blind in order to carry a fetus to term?”

Another picture is of an Afghan girl with beautiful eyes. There are a couple of Syrian women too. And then you think about ISOL, and how the entire region has been devastated by armies and foreign policy for decades. Remember, the USA backed the Ayatollah. Just that one rippling act helped kill women’s rights in the region. Many blame religion and culture. And, yes, it is religion and culture. But we’re all letting the other culprits off the hook – the men of these 2nd and 3rd world cultures.

The only time you will see the average joe – average dudebro – speak out in defense of these women is to back up their atheist condemnation of religions, and throw the condition of these women up in the face of 1st world women… to remind us that nothing that bad happens to us over here. Remember the survivor of HELLP? She’s a citizen of a 1st world country. (Just in case you’re too daft to get my point, bad things can and do happen to women everywhere.)

I harshly critique intersectionality just as I do what I call female patriarchs. (What’s an example of my coined term – female patriarch? Google these names: Georgia Tann, Donna Ames, Anne Coulter, The Magdalene Laundries) Women must support other women first and foremost, but nurture other women as well. Those of us who have good men in our lives are so very fortunate. They are truly rare. However, good women are not as rare. It’s time we give ourselves credit for being the kinder, the more noble, the better sex.

You’ve seen me handle those audacious enough to question, or try to play witty on, my posts. From someone straw manning to take away from a powerful post on women’s health with a fallacious and incorrect assumption (“the west” equates “first world”), to folks trying to be just vocal enough about my exposing of the transgender nonsense shamelessly overshadowing actual human rights violations. When you speak a truth, it shakes folks.

Many of my younger female friends are afraid to speak out because of the proverbial male slapdown, or disapproval from the peers, family, groupmind. Speak up clearly. Mold your standpoints with logic and empathy. (Logic without emotion is psychopathic. Emotion without logic is hysteria.) Stop being afraid of having a damn opinion.

This is my challenge to you today: Post something profound. Even if others deem it controversial, it’s your right to post your opinion on your personal page. Then, let everyone else post something profound on their page. If you don’t like their posts, move on.

*featured image source:  The Atlas of Beauty