Senate Vote Fails Women: Intersectionalists, SJWs, Misogynists & Fascists Unite Against Women

The Senate voted to require women to register for the draft when they turn 18, just like men, as part of a large military authorization bill Tuesday. The new provision, passed by the Senate 85 to 13, is still far from becoming law, but comes at a time when the U.S. military has gradually lifted previous restrictions on women serving in combat roles in the armed forces. (Senate Overwhelmingly Votes to Require Women to Register for the Draft)

The Selective Service Act needs to be repealed by my generation. I understand the “theory” behind the draft – ensure that the sons of rich folks end up in war and potentially on the front lines next to the sons of the poor. That seems like a good, “equal” idea when pimped out by fascists. However, we all know that the wealthy perpetually find ways to work around such laws. Money talks, bullshit walks. But is a draft a good idea? NO. All military service should be voluntary without coercion – this includes pop culture advertisement or threatened force. If Congress bans cartoon cigarette ads, they can ban gaslighting military ads. No eighteen year old boy should be punished for refusing to sign up for this insidious thing our government calls selective service. A draft – in any form – is slavery. And slavery was abolished federally a couple centuries ago.

Now that I’ve clarified my stance on the draft and selective service, I’ll reiterate my stance regarding women in the military – NO. The women in combat debate is what got us here. It was a slippery slop that the very “progressive” people are pushing. Attention Democrats: There is nothing progressive about being pro-military and fascist. Disgustingly, it’s Sanders fans that back the notion of women in combat.

Meanwhile, the poll found that 60 percent of Americans say women should be allowed in combat units directly involved in ground fighting. The ban on the practice was lifted by the Defense Department in January. Again, Mr. Sanders’ fans top the list of those who favor the idea. Among those who agree with women in combat: Sanders voters (78 percent), liberals (74 percent), Clinton voters (71 percent), Democrats (66 percent), men (60 percent), women (59 percent) and Republicans (52 percent). Among conservatives, it was 49 percent. (Attention? Poll finds women not at ease with the idea of being drafted, The Washington Times)

One of my friends shared the above link on his Facebook page. This is a screenshot of one comment:  20160609_115808Of course a female patriarch sold out women. Out of respect to my friend, I didn’t start an argument on his page. But if I were to reply to this misogynist, it would be:  When are men going to start having periods and birthing babies? When are birth certificates going to be written for the mother’s last name since she’s the one literally ripping open birthing her baby? You want to pretend women are the physical equal to men when it’s this ignorant mentality that encourages violence towards girls and women? When are women going to be equally represented in the political sphere? When will American women achieve equal pay and educational opportunities? When will women’s rights finally be globally recognized as human rights? The ERA was never passed, and you want to make women as equally worthlessness as men for the fascist whims of the military industrial complex? The United States has the highest maternal mortality rate of industrialized countries, offers no federally protected maternity leave, and you want young girls shipped off to fight man-made wars in regions where they will potentially be captured, sex trafficked, and used as breeders? There is no such thing as “equal responsibility” when physical equality is not only a fallacy used by misogynists and social justice warriors alike, but science denial based on ignorance and feelings. Do women and men “equally” share in childbirth? No. Are women and men equal in bone density and endocrinology? No. In your jealousy and hate of your own sex, you want to destroy women – particularly younger girls. Jealousy is a disease. You are a failure as a woman. And you are a failure as a human being. And I’d include this graphic:  FB_IMG_1460034137242

This bitter woman arrogantly displayed her jealousy and hatred of her own sex, but she also displayed her ignorance of human anatomy and uneducated concept of equality. Equality isn’t a literally physical thing; it’s an intangible theory. When we speak of “equal rights,” we’re speaking of opportunities and freedoms, not a physical or literal interpretation. In fact, no two people are physically equal. The fallacious brand of pseudo-egalitarianism is not only unscientific, it’s stupid.

Equal rights/equality is a social philosophy that has been spun into an ambiguous soundbite and favored manipulative straw man tactic of factions. The soundbites and catchphrases – equal rights, equality, egalitarianism – are overused by radicals of all factions to confuse and manipulate. This emotional and uneducated opinion of “true equality” is science denial of biology and human anatomy, as well as the outworn NTS fallacy. Women and men are not physically equal. Legal and social equality is not a literal or physical concept. It’s about being equal in our biological differences. The fallacious brand of egalitarianism is actually 3rd wave intersectionality often ignorantly pimped out by “MRA” dubebros. Physical equality will be when men have periods and rip open birthing their own babies. That’s not biologically possible and should stand as an example to how ridiculous, illogical, and dumb this “MRA”/intersectionality brand of “egalitarianism” is perceived by logical formally educated and politically balanced individuals.

  • The Equal Rights Amendment was never ratified, which means it was only passed by Congress on March 22, 1972. The states denied ratification. Alabama, my state, is one such state that denies the personhood of girls and women, yet will consider granting personhood to a zygote. A proposed amendment must be approved by three-fourths (38) of the 50 states to become part of the Constitution. This means that a large portion of Americans and the military industrial complex want girls signing up for selective service when girls and women are not even recognized as citizens, or even autonomous human beings, by the state and federal government.

Let’s revisit my points made in response to the perverted, literally base, incorrect interpretation of “equality” and “egalitarian” by all the factious groups listed in the title of this blog post – misogynists, intersectionalists, SJWs, fascists. My debunking of the particular fallacious brand of “equality” whored out by the intersectionalist/social justice warrior Facebook page, “Women’s Right’s News”:  Intersectionality Fails Women & Feminism

1. Science denial – Women and men are biologically designed (by whatever you choose to give credit too) for different things. And men got the upper body strength and physical constitution in that deal. From our endocrinology to psychology, the sexes are wired differently. Logically, equality is men and women recognized as equal in our differences. It’s not a literal concept when pertaining to physicality. “Equality” has become a buzzword much maligned by radicals.
2. Supporting a draft wasn’t classically feminist at all. Women didn’t want their sons involuntarily taken off to war. The treatment of Vietnam veterans is a mar on the 20th century.
3. Women are more vulnerable physically to ordeals. That’s a fact. Women can get pregnant. And unless you’re a certain type of Republican, you know that pregnancy results from rape. Bosnia is a not too distant example of an attempt at genetic cleansing via women.
4. That menstrual smell gives away one’s position in the field. I am not kidding. Ask a veteran. Google that shit.
5. Changing a tampon in a tank….
6. Breast feeding mothers called to active duty. Yes, this has happened numerous times. Mothers are forced to leave their 6 month olds. See my blog, or look it up yourself. The military is an industry. You think an industrial complex respects motherhood?
7. Erasing masculinity by trivializing what is naturally more masculine is a facet of misandry.
8. Men (with exceptions, such as the Iraqi and Syrian cowards) are wired to be protectors. Not only do women have lower bone density and strength, but men are wired to protect women. It’s primal. Yes, this is actually a thing.

Historically, feminism isn’t about erasing/replacing men. And it certainly isn’t about war mongering. Feminism is about women being recognized as human beings, not treated as chattel. From the vote to reproductive rights, the movement is about autonomy and liberty – to be recognized as equals in our biological differences, not to become physically the same as men. Intersectionality doesn’t make us all equal in our differences – intersectionality makes us all as equally worthless. 1st and 2nd wave feminism demanded respect, credit, and recognition for attributes unique to women. Intersectionality/3rd wave insults and criticizes femininity and anything labeled traditionally female. From stay-at-home mommies to quilting as a hobby, 3rd wavers bully women who don’t buy into their jargon, extremism, and pseudo brand of equality.

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