You may be a coward if…


The marks of cowardice are many and varied. Very few have the fortitude to say what they mean and mean what they say. In the age of spineless groupthink and identity politics, cowards are a dime a dozen. Here’s just a few actions, attitudes, and signs that scream: “I’m a big fucking coward.”

  1. You are argumentative/confrontational for the attention and drama because you lack the charisma and gumption to stand on your own merit and principles.
  2. You have a penis and you believe women should be drafted/serve in the military.
  3. You have an alias account(s) on social media used for trolling, harassment, and/or cyber stalking.
  4. You are a capably healthy man and woman supports you financially. Yes, I’m including “stay-at-home dads” in my coward list.
  5. Pretending to agree or be something you are not for approval, or out of fear of rejection and derision, is the hallmark of cowardice.
  6. Not speaking up when you witness a wrong solidifies your cowardice.
  7. Lying about your true thoughts and opinions in fear of disapproval from the group or leader.
  8. Consciously letting someone control your life and mind. The keyword is consciously. I’m not referring to victims of brainwashing.
  9. Being a “yes man”- blind faith to a group/cult.
  10. Whining because someone writes you a funny rap song that you perceive isn’t “nice,” then condoning the rape and death threats your buddies sent to a woman who disagreed with your prophet. (This is an example of hypocrisy as well.)
  11. Being offended because someone makes different life choices, and doesn’t leave room for you to “debate” them on their personal life choices – meaning they don’t allow you to talk to them like shit, and you throw a tantrum because someone tells you no.
  12. Throwing a tantrum when someone tells you no.
  13. Using any type of abuse -emotional or physical- to get your way.
  14. Being a misogynist, racist, etc.
  15. Denying that medical rape, or birth rape, occurs because it doesn’t involve a penis. (This is also the sign of a misogynist.)
  16. Talking down to the opposite sex. (Some guys patronize when they’re intimidated by women. Intersectional social justice warriors do this to straight men.)
  17. Having a pecking order, participating in a pecking order, or not bucking the pecking order.
  18. Being afraid to say “I love you.”
  19. Being a prude about sex.
  20. Shaming – slut shaming, body shaming. When you have to shame or verbally abuse another person, you’re only reflecting and exposing your own insecurities and failings.
  21. Being pushy about sex – either demanding it through force or coercion.