Bullshit From The Fringes: Sexism & “White Women”

Bullshit Alert!
Social justice warriors, atheist dudebros, and politically correct crybullies are offended that the GOP denounces Trump after leaked tapes; he brags about assaulting women. Why are these extremes offended? Because these limousine liberal brats and dudebro misogynists claim the GOP waited until Trump picked on “white women” to denounce him.

I shall explain this hypocrisy so every type of idiot gets it: ALL women, EVEN WHITE WOMEN, have been targeted by Trump. Did you forget Rosie O’Donnell, Megyn Kelly, and Alicia Machado? Every group has been targeted by Trump. He has said nasty, vile, racist, sexist shit. It’s despicable. It’s embarrassing that this is one of our presidential candidates. BUT saying is NOT the same as DOING. Whether we like it or not, that’s his First Amendment right. Trump’s recent scandal is that proverbial straw because he bragged about forcing himself onto women – that’s physical assault. That’s DOING, not just TALKING. If he had not admitted to putting his hands on women, it would just be Trump running his mouth. This is the difference. If you still don’t understand, get your ass enrolled in a developmental reading course ASAP.

And if you think I am a conservative:  you’ve never read anything I’ve written, you’re angry because I call out the far Left on their trivial bullshit, or you’re on drugs. I am an atheist and somewhat a democratic socialist. I was an Alabama delegate and volunteer for Bernie Sanders. I call the factions of social justice warriors and their creepy dudebro misogynistic counterparts out as being the same thing: gaslighting, sociopathic, attention whore extremes. At least Trump is an obvious megalomaniac. Social justice warriors of every ilk are out for blood, so they turn on allies. e.g. “white” women

Social justice warriors and whiny Twitter dudebros: pimping out versions of your progressive stack is sick. It’s gaslighting. It’s putting a tit for tat order on bad behavior just so you can bitch about your petty issues, pretending you have it sooooo bad. The world’s smallest violin, attention whores, the world’s smallest violin. To any and all SJW, intersectionalist, atheist dudebro misogynist, gender-bender studies creep, generation butthurt, entitled brat: Sit the fuck down, shut the fuck up, and get the hell off the interwebs.