Election 2016: To Everyone Who Contributed to the Outcome

When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross. ~ Sinclair Lewis

Today, Wednesday November 9, 2016, America is a failure in democracy. A month after “pussy-gate,” Donald Trump, the misogynist currently scheduled for two trial dates – fraud (Trump University) and the alleged rape of a thirteen year old girl – is the president-elect. Today, America is a winner only in absurdist reality TV. Trump voters elected the most popular misogynist in the western hemisphere. Our country had the opportunity to make history. We failed. China, Ireland, Indonesia, India, Turkey – countries considered less enlightened than our United States – have all had female heads of state.

Initially, Hillary Clinton wasn’t my first choice for this election. In fact, this was the first election in which my husband and myself had ever volunteered and campaigned. We were both on our state district’s ballot as delegates for Bernie Sanders. Bernie’s message of democratic socialism:  universal healthcare, federally protected maternity leave, free access to college, deprivatization of prisons, ecologically rebuilding of our infrastructure, increasing the minimum wage to a livable wage, and investing in manufacturing our own goods by pursuing alternative and renewable energy sources, is the future we wanted for our child and for the world. Clinton won the primary, even if it was controversial. And no, I wasn’t happy about it. But I dealt with the loss by voting for the platform the democratic campaign I volunteered for laid out. Even Bernie Sanders asked all Democrats to support Clinton. There is so much more at stake than just egos.

misogyn-election-memeI watched Michael Moore in Trumpland. He, too, was a Bernie fan. Clinton wasn’t his first choice. But he understood that we, as a country, could either make history by electing the first female president, or electing the first reality TV star and misogynist in her place. Moore presented a riveting question in his latest film. Did America push Clinton to the right, a bit too far for the Democratic base? In the 1990s, she traveled the world, studying countries thriving with universal heathcare to address the growing insurance monopolies and maternal mortality rate. She brought her research back only to be ridiculed, and cruelly blamed for her husband’s indiscretions. But Clinton’s college graduation speech read like it could have been written by Bernie Sanders. Moore hypothesized, what if she’s been waiting all these years, holding back, to create positive change? Even Bill Maher stated that she is surrounded by too many dicks, from her husband to Anthony Weiner. And let’s be clear, claiming that Clinton caused Benghazi is as ludicrous as claiming Bush caused 9/11.

What America has done, our own Brexit, is a public and political case of misogyny. Hillary Clinton may not have been my first choice for the Democratic nomination, but between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, it should have been a landslide in her favor. America just passed on the first female president for a reality star clown with the family values of a third world sheik, the con artistry of a sociopath, the entitled temperament of a coddled brat, and the fascism of a 20th century despot.

Trump Voters:

The DOW dropped more than 800 points as reported by Fortune Tuesday night. The most damning attribute about you Trumpsters is that you’re willfully ignorant. You knew what would happen, yet you gleefully cheered on America’s Brexit. Now watch Rome burn. Your fear, greed, and hate propelled you to vote for a child rapist, con artist, misogynist, racist, pathological lying sociopath. You voted in a monster who bankrupted multiple businesses, and whose scams have taken advantage of poor Americans for decades. You voted in a trashy reality TV star over a qualified candidate. The only excuse you needed was boring work emails stored on the wrong server. How does that misogyny feel?

And speaking of misogyny, you potentially contributed to the already staggering U.S. maternal mortality rate. According the World Health Organization, our maternal mortality and morbidity rate is higher that Islamic Republic of Iran, Libya and Turkey. Does that make you proud, Trumpsters? You are so pathetically easy to manipulate with one issue – the abortion issue – that should the medical procedure called “late term abortion” be banned, you may have signed the death warrant of a loved one. For those of you who out of willful ignorance, or sheer ignorance, refuse to do your research outside of the propaganda machine of your groupmind, that means actually reading the medical research literature on what a late-term abortion is in reality instead of your fabricated alternate reality, Samantha Bee clears this up for you:  “Partial birth abortions aren’t a thing. It’s a non-medical term the National Right to Life Committee made up in the 90s for a procedure that was outlawed in 2003 by the Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act.” Often, late term abortion is conflated with partial birth abortion. Note:  Partial birth abortion does not exist. Bee clarifies late term abortion by quoting an OB-GYN via Vox, …“‘only 1.3 percent of abortions happen at after 21 weeks.’ And guess what? It’s not because women are selfish sluts who wake-up in their third trimester and decide ‘not into this… I want an abortion.’ It’s usually because the tests done at that point reveal a fatal birth defect or a serious risk to the mother’s life.”

Since you’re Putin fans, here’s a Lenin term with which you should be familiar:  “useful idiot.” That’s what your president-elect is to Putin – a useful idiot, unwittingly a Russian agent. In the first debate of this election, your president-elect called on our country’s enemy – Russia – to hack the opposing candidate’s emails. Our FBI – our internal police who are suppose to protect us from hackers and foreign regimes – allowed a presidential candidate to be hacked. You, Trump voters, gleefully allowed this it happen. This is a gross and direct affront to American democracy. And Trumpsters, you allowed this violation. You called on a foreign terrorists to hack and undermine American democracy. You aided and abetted treason committed by a presidential candidate, as well as the treason by a federal agency. And you did it waving the American flag. You encouraged the demonizing of the opposing American presidential candidate – a candidate who has been cleared multiple times by the FBI and Congress – for improperly stored, trivial emails. But you support the treason of your candidate along with his fraud, tax evasion, admitted assault, and alleged rape. Let this sink in – you not only supported, you glorified a candidate who blatantly admitted and bragged about sexual assault. You elected a criminal, a criminal who has two court dates, both within a month, for mass fraud and the rape of a thirteen year old girl. Hypocrite much, trumpsters?

To those sharing memes about “God has a plan” and such nonsense aimed at anyone who didn’t vote for Trump, you need to stop. It’s tacky. There’s no benevolent god, or gods, with a plan for your washed-up reality TV star. And all monsters are human. Stop using your sick superstitions and hateful beliefs as an excuse to wear your sanctimonious ass on your shoulders. Christianity is the slickest form of gas-lighting on the planet. You claim to care about the poor, yet you coerce and threaten poor mommies out of their babies, and refuse the poor, marginalized, and disenfranchised access to healthcare. The mother of your so-called god was a single mother, and look at how you treat single mothers. You use the planet like toilet paper, completely in selfish denial of the damage fossil fuels are doing to this planet. You continue to shit on American Indians just like your ancestors did. Congratulations, Christians, you elected a child rapist, con artist, misogynist, racist, pathological lying sociopath. Your god must be so proud of you. You will look into the eyes of your children and grandchildren one day, especially your daughters and granddaughters, and you will apologize.

I get it. You’re followers. You don’t actually believe all that Christian hocus pocus crap, do you? If you did buy into all that Christianity stuff, then why don’t you live by the tenets of your religion? You don’t feed the poor. You don’t sit with the down-trodden and the misfits. You’re horrible stewards to the planet, raping every natural resource so your grandchildren may face the fate of the dinosaurs. You shame and denigrate the motherhood of single mothers when the mother of your “god” conceived “out of wedlock.” You deny the sick and hurting mercy out of greed and self-righteousness. You control “charities” with a profiting, anti-socialism monopoly so you and your cult can choose who receives assistance, who dies, who gets to keep her baby, and which family gets their kids taken just because they are homeless. You are failures as human beings.

You, yes, YOU the singular Christian reading this rant, you don’t truly believe in being a decent human being because it’s the right thing to do, or because there’s some moral truth. You play the game – you pretend and go along with the group – because you don’t want to know what it feels like to be a Jew in 1942. You don’t want to experience being denied assistance and mercy because you’re from the “wrong” religion or ethnic group. You don’t want to know the horror of forced adoptions, or hear the agony of a mother’s screams, because you’re scared it will happen to you and yours. You don’t want to know what it feels like to have your career sabotaged just because you refuse to join some club, or refuse make public proclamations about politics and religion in the very inappropriate place that is the workforce. You don’t know how lonely it feels to be the lone voice screaming into the void for those who do not have a voice. You are selfish. You are cruel. And you are so very stupid.

I have extended my hand to help those in need. I don’t have to belong to a groupmind to be a decent human being. I don’t discriminate among those in need of help. I’ve donated my talents behind the scenes to fighting cruelties your religion by and large perpetuates. I am trying to leave this planet a better place. If you must have a religion and dogma to ensure your goodness, you are not a good person.

Social Justice Warriors:

Now, to the portion of Democrats – the neoliberals – who are commonly known as “social justice warriors” and egalitarians:  You cost us the election. You played your role in this outcome. You are to Trump what Trump is to Putin – a useful idiot. You gas-lighted the American people on non-issues, your invented trivial bullshit. You took a shit on the First Amendment when you cried for “safe spaces” in public places, such as schools and civic centers. In doing so, you fed the vitriolic fire of actual misogynists and racists looking to attack and offend. You entitled, coddled brats – your safe space is your home, your personal website. You don’t get to police or control the “safe spaces” of others.

You whined and bitched whenever someone, even a fellow liberal, disagreed with your entitled brat ass. You hijacked universities and feminism with your selfish, self-hailed “social and gender” issues while ignoring actual human rights violations, such as human trafficking. You immorally dismissed horrific crimes against girls and women, such as female genital mutilation, as “culture.” You hijacked the movement of the Suffragettes to promote utter illogical insanity, using organizations such as The Center for Reproductive Rights and Planned Parenthood, calling for federally funded surrogacy for transgenders and gays. Surrogacy – what the United Nations, along with all other first world countries, considers a human rights violation and gross exploitation of impoverished, marginalized women.

You committed an egregious lie – a false equivalency and dishonest non sequitur – by screaming about bathrooms. This is an affront, an insult, to African Americans who lived through the Jim Crow laws, as well as to every woman and child that has survived assault, abuse, rape, etc. You blatantly chose to ignore the statistics screaming the danger of men having access to female restrooms. You science denied as bad as any evangelical Christian. You fed the Trump fires with your faux “rights” campaign. In your self-righteous zeal, you ignored biology, science, the facts for the bandwagon of arrogance and promotion a serious mental disorder – Body Dysmorphic Disorder. And you cried wolf hard, labeling doctor office forms and the scientific nomenclature “transphobic.” With the exception of birth defects and genetic abnormalities, sex and gender are binary. There is no such thing as “being born in the wrong body.” That’s not only unscientific, it’s stupid, and it sounds like your extreme counterpart – the religious right.

You were so eager to have a salacious and a shockingly extreme “cause” to throw in the face of the conservative religious right, your extreme counterpart, that you attacked and demonized liberal allies. You trolled breast cancer survivors, and women who call a uterus what a uterus is – a female sex organ – on our heath websites. You bullied everyone for a made-up minority group, and you ignored human anatomy and biology while doing so. Transgenders have bathrooms – the bathroom of their biological sex. They are not barred from bathrooms. Saying so is not only gas-lighting, it’s an insult to everyone who has ever fought for civil rights. No one even noticed transgenders using the women’s room until they began announcing what type of genitalia they have between their legs. Transgenders can marry whomever and whatever gender or sex they wish. Transgenders can vote. Transgenders have and enjoy the rights the rest of us do. Utilizing their First Amendment right is how they, and their “trans allies,” helped fuck this election.

Women for Trump:

Many of you have experienced pregnancy, given birth, or miscarried. You know firsthand all the pain – physically, emotionally, historically, culturally – of what it is to be a woman. A woman brought you into this world – very painfully brought you this world. And how did you thank her yesterday? You know firsthand when we girls hit puberty, we become walking wombs, and the virginity watch is on. You know how our bodies are ever harshly critiqued, especially as we age. Whether you acknowledge it or not, you know women have fought, sacrificed, and died just for being female. Women fought and died for your right to vote – the right you exercised to vote for the biggest misogynist America has seen in decades. Today, you are not only failures as decent human beings, you are failures as women.

“Bernie Bros” & third party voters:

You are closeted Trump-supporters. That’s all you are. And that is how you will go down in history.