My Facebook Message to Clinton Voters & Gender Studies Brats:

(Note:  I wrote two Facebook posts after the election 2016 results. This one addressed neolibs, far-leftists, and gender studies brats.)

Yesterday morning I ripped into the GOP religious right. Today, neoliberals, it’s your turn to receive your new asshole. Yes, you know who you are… This post is set to public because most of you twats got kicked off my list. To the entitled university brats, gender studies tranies, 3rd wave intersectionalists, “egalitarian” dudebros and dudewhores – to all social justice warrior coddled brats, when hell comes I hope you roast first.

THESE ARE NOT REAL ISSUES: video games, private conversations in elevators regarding coffee, what a badass astrophysicist wears when he lands a probe on a moving comet, gender studies jargon, “trans rights” to the little girls’ room, unisex toys and clothes departments, “safe spaces”, “man-splaining”, “man-spreading”, “gender fluid”…

You cried wolf and you cried it hard. Wanting so hard to be a victim, or create a victim, you blamed all “cis” white guys for your imaginery problems. When you were corrected or told you were being hyperbolic, you turned on fellow liberals, calling us ugly names. You not only further alienated Democrats from moderate Republicans, you freaked those poor sods out. And because of you showing your entire ass on non-issues, we lost allies against a fascist monster who is now going to be the next president. Let that sink in.

You science denied as hard as any evangelical. You demanded the English language and scientific nomenclature – facts and proper terminology – be changed for your “gender fluid” phase. When you were corrected on the facts of human anatomy and biology, you screamed wolf even louder. You trolled women’s health sites, calling women “transphobic” for calling our parts exactly what they are – female sex organs. You hijacked feminism and you tore the coattails off of marriage equality. You called for gay and trans misogyny, jealously claiming hetero and bi females aren’t real. Newsflash, attention whores, we’re not the ones playing dress-up. If heterosexuality wasn’t real, you brats wouldn’t be here.

As for your fallacious brand of egalitarianism, we are not all literally the same in physical and mental ability or structure. Equal rights is not about everyone becoming equally as worthless. The philosophy of equality is about being equal in our differences. You called on the eradication of femininity and masculinity just like the fascists called on an eradication of immigration.

SJW attention whores, here are the facts: humans are born with chromosomes that determine sex, endocrinology is a thing, gender is not fluid – adolescent phases are fluid, DNA is real, the scientific community is not going to change the nomenclature for your feelings, transgenderism = body dysmorphic disorder, and men spread their legs because their genitals get too warm on hot, humid days, not becaue they’re spreading the patriarchy. Straight white males did not create your problem – you created your problems. Stop looking for a scapegoat.

Here’s a list of actual human rights violations and issues you ignored to play dress up: global warming, FGM, classism/wage disparity, human trafficking, ISIS, adoption trafficking, world hunger, maternal mortality and morbidity rate, reproductive rights issues, universal healthcare, deprivatization of prisons and civic works, international policy, public policy, military industrialization, veterans, ageism, racism, public educational funding, etc.

Instead of seeking common ground with potential allies on any of the above issues, you trolled women’s health sites and picked fights with fellow liberals. You created another wedge between the sexes, and demonized fathers, sons, husbands, brothers, friends, OUR PARTNERS IN LIFE.

When you cry wolf, cry-bully, and psychotically invent problems, you lose the respect of any ally you ever could have had. And you make enemies. The one hope that consoles me is this – when the fascists come for all of us, that they take you attention whores first.