My Facebook Message to Trump Voters

(Note:  I wrote two Facebook posts after the election 2016 results. This one addressed the GOP Trumpsters.)

I just read a poignant viral post – a young girl says to her mother: “If your generation votes to build a wall, I just want you to know my generation will be strong enough to tear it down.”

Christians who voted for a racist misogynist must be ever so proud of themselves. Tell us again how your religion is based on love. What did you tell yourselves when you compromised the tenets of your religion? You know, that “love thy neighbor” and the golden rule stuff? Did you self-righteously nod your head in finality and declare with zeal, “God has a plan!” So you stupidly left your morality and ethics behind all because your sky god got this shit? Your imagery friend works in mysterious ways, doesn’t he? (By the way, always wondered how you know your imagery friend has a penis?)

You have proven to me one thing – you need your religion, your dogma, your bullshit to be a good person… and a bad person. And this means you, my dumb friends, are not good people. You need religion, the threat of some imaginary, supernatural consequence, to make you fake a facade of goodness. The reality is you’re not a good person at all. You’re an easily controlled, cowardly, hypocritical puppet on a string, prone to bouts of racism, misogyny, with a penchant for jumping on bandwagons of fascist propaganda.

When legalized immigrants are removed, what will you do? Cheer? Call for camps? When a woman you know dies in childbirth, in part because you were one of the pawns who stupidly believed junk propaganda about a medical procedure that saves lives, will you exclaim how your god has a plan and make a grab for her baby? When the Affordable Healthcare Act is repelled, and millions suffer and die as result, will you feel any guilt? When the sick and suffering go without treatment, will you scoff? When impoverished and single mothers are refused pre-natal care unless they sign a pre-birth contract enabling a third party to sell their baby to an entitled wealthy couple, will you cluck your tongue and exclaim how that mother doesn’t deserve her baby – her baby she rips open giving birth to? Will you join the rest of your comrades in blaming the poor for poverty? Will you cheer as crimes and discrimination soar against people who do not share your beliefs or skin color? Will you acquiesce when your social security is cancelled? Will you enjoy the tax breaks awarded to the wealthy? Are you excited your grandchildren will have to fight for the human rights you had at birth or won in your lifetime? Are you happy your granddaughters will be second class citizens and walking wombs? Will you cheer on global warming in blissful ignorance as that thin layer of atmosphere protecting us from the vacuum of space corrodes? Will you live to see the toxic desert your great grandchildren will play in?

But your god has a plan, doesn’t he? Okay, then, go wait in your hole for your god’s plan. And here’s a heads-up – he’s not coming. But hell is.