Slam to Adoptive “Parents” & Proponents of Forced Adoptions/Baby Trafficking:

The ugly history of forced adoptions involves more players than just the Catholic Church. The Church of England and The Salvation Army are just as culpable. This is a human rights violation committed against poor and/or single mothers and their babies by the whole of Christianized Western civilization, not just one group. The same diabolical social narrative and societal mentality of adoption trafficking is still very much with us. A woman – yes, a woman – actually defended the atrocities in this article on a friend’s Facebook page. Celeste Billhartz’s words come to mind, “If war is man’s inhumanity to man, then adoption is woman’s inhumanity to woman.”

“Forced adoption agony of half a million women whose babies were stolen by the church”

One of my activists peers asked me to slap down a random woman advocating for forced adoptions. My acquaintance posted the above linked article to her page to discover the sickening reality that instead of promoting the sanctity of motherhood and pro-family public policy, “pro-lifers” are actually pro-birth baby-sellers and baby-thieves. Yes, monsters who call for forced adoptions/baby-selling are still very much with us. These are the screenshots of one such monster being handed her ass by yours truly:







Popular sources and the established media are starting to realize adoption is not an alternative to abortion – motherhood is the alternative. The anti-woman/anti-motherhood for-profit adoption trafficking industry stands in the way of reproductive rights, science, and nature. No rich women, infertile couple, gay or trans person is entitled to a poor, in crisis, and/or single woman’s uterus, vagina, vulva, and baby. Women are not incubators. Babies are not commodities. And it’s illegal to sale fetuses. So how are adoption agencies, attorneys, and social workers getting away with baby-selling and the ultimate exploitation of women? There’s little to no regulation and no legal, enforced accountability for these predators – “adoption law” is the wild west.

New Republic: Meet the New Anti-Adoption Movement

“Dear blocked adoptive parent…”