What YOU Can Do Now To Help Congress Impeach Trump

It was announced yesterday that a House panel has formed to investigate in addition to the committee in the Senate. According to my PR contact at the Capitol, this is what you can do right now to assist the investigation of Trump and his administration: All members, in all states, need to be contacted to be encouraged to fully investigate what, if any, role the FBI played in Russian tampering You need to call or write your state representative. If you do not know your representative, search via your zip code on this link:
(For our zip, our Reps. are Palmer (R) and Sewell (D). Yes, Sessions is currently our Senator. He is one prominent reason Alabama is suffering from a plethora of human rights violations. I assure you – you don’t want him in the federal government.)

Note: There are basically four committees and their members to focus on:
1) Senate and House Judiciary Committees to urge them to investigate the potential involvement of Comey and the FBI.
2) Senate and House Intelligence Committees to investigate Trump’s ties to Russia.

Please see links provided below for more information on Committees. 

Chuck Grassley is the Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee. They are the ones that need to look into Comey and the FBI’s part.


Committee members on the Judiciary:


U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence: