Don’t Go Saving Europe Again


This is a picture of my great uncle Ernest Winkles killed during the Normandy Invasion during WWII. When I traveled to Europe in 2015 to visit my sister and meet a pen-pal, I learned that young Europeans -students in universities today- are taught that Russia saved them, not America. They don’t question illogic of this gross misinformation campaign spoon-fed to them by dishonest academics with an agenda. The last two generations of Europeans don’t consider that if this alternative history is true, how are they not speaking Russian now? And how have they had sovereign nations since the war? Russia notoriously took the land they “saved” as payment. No other country would have done what we did – save their world and give it back to them.

Today, we police the world while most of Western Europe has what the Roosevelts, Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr., our Founding Fathers, Harriet Tubman, Susan B Anthony, the shoulders of all great Americans we stand on, wanted for us, their people – their children. This is why my grandparents’ generation fought the both world wars and bailed Europe out. Wars Europe started and couldn’t end. We stepped up. We had to in order to save civilization. And thanked or remembered we are not.

Every time an American advocates for more military spending they are advocating for us playing World Police. Do you really think increase spending will go to our veterans? As a college instructor, I can tell you they’re not getting anything for the GI Bill. And we’ve all heard the horror stories of the corporate communism that is veteran’s hospitals. While Europeans enjoy their democratic socialism, the hybrid of ideals they took from us, our military remains pawns to these snotty brats. We are all their pawns, each and every tax payer. Every mother’s child is a potential warm body to act as a body shield for some spoilt European nation with a higher life expectancy, lower maternal death rate, and higher life happiness. We gave them this at the expense of our own. And how do they treat us now? Get down off the cross, America. They will never love us.