Introducing The Alt-left (Yes, I just dubbed ’em that – get over it.)

*Originally, this was a Facebook post – a loooong Facebook post.

If you have tagged me in a post regarding adoption trafficking, I haven’t added any such posts to my profile because of alt-left/neo-left/leftist misogynists. I don’t want them coming after you. The alt-left, or limousine liberals, are the ones with the big bucks to purchase children (internationally as well as domestically) impoverished parents finding themselves at the mercy of Christian churches and missions. (We’re looking at Madonna and Angelina Jolie.) Remember, too often the religious solution to poverty is to seize the children of poor parents in crisis via hospitals and even missionary schools. Often, it’s the radical religious right doing the selling, and the entitled limousine left doing the buying. But, yes, rich conservatives purchase children too.

Regarding the alt-left/limousine liberals:

1) We classical liberals and centrists must start speaking up and out against the elite alt-left. In reality, they are our “dark mirror” and they’re more plentiful than the alt-right. Recall that I attempted to rally a proper letter-writing campaign to state representatives regarding supporting the congressional committees investigating the Trump administration’s possible traitorous relations with Russia? What did these alt-left creeps do? They ignored it. They whined and wailed on the women and children of Trump’s administration instead of focusing on facts leaked by security agencies. Do you know how weak it is for grown men to attack the families of their political opponent instead of his actual politics and policies? Are you proud of this, fellow liberals? These neo-left attention whores don’t want to do any activism/work – they just want to bitch, and an excuse to bully anyone who doesn’t “go low” and bitch with them.

2) I am sure many of you saw my diatribes -two separate rants- posted right after the election. I addressed both extremes as well as people, collectively, who should have known better than to stupidly follow the groupmind – the hive mind of your party. That being said, I know many good people who were too connected to the hive mind of their party and voted for a sensationalist, reality star, misogynist, traitor. Very good people fail sometimes. They make very bad mistakes. This doesn’t mean they should be senselessly attacked on a personal level. I’ll be the first one to say they failed. In fact, they are a failure to their own party’s previous values. But verbal assault of individuals, and attacking the women and children of a politician’s family, is exactly how the alt-right behaves. Alt-left creeps reading this – congratulations on becoming what you hate.

3) Last year, Neil deGrasse Tyson pointed out on Bill Maher’s “Real Time” that the left has their own issues where they science deny as hard as any right-wing fundamentalist. Republicans deny climate change, selling their souls for fossil fuel profits; the alt-left denies the most basic elements of biology – chromosomes. If the alt-left were in power, endocrinology would be declared an offense. These creeps find the phrase “pregnant woman” offensive and actually believe they have a right to demand we all say “pregnant people.” It’s the alt-left that has called on public funds for surrogacy for gays and transgenders. Need a source for that? Check out The Center for Reproductive Rights and The United Nations, Canada, and much of Western Europe has outlawed surrogacy as the human rights violation it is.

4) Why do these SJW, intersectionalists/3rd wave gender feminists ignore adoption trafficking, excuse FGM, overlook THE UNITED STATES MATERNAL MORTALITY DEATH RATE, hold men in dresses more important than little girls, and say really gross shit about pregnant women? Because they are ATTENTION WHORES, and they are misogynists. They are not involved to create positive change, but to stir the shit pot. And every one of you who saw that neo-left mother-fucker get weird on my page, should have spoken up. Why did only my aunt, and my husband have to get on my account, to silence Creepy McFuck? Because the rest of you liberals are COWARDS when it comes to your own hive mind. You are no better or different than the Republicans who sold out.

5) And my fellow failures as classical/centrist libs, you were cowards and enablers last year during the “transgender” gaslighting nonsense. So much so that you helped Trump win. Many of you science denying libs jumped on that bandwagon hard, didn’t you, you stupid, stupid, little people? You participated in obfuscating and conflating selfish pettiness and attention whore antics with the very real Civil Rights Movement. You unethically and evilly lied about reality, claiming that these mentally ill, gender-bender people were marginalized and without restrooms – that they were regulated special restrooms or completely without a pot to piss in. YOU LIED AND INSULTED EVERYONE WHO HAS ACTUALLY EXPERIENCED DISCRIMINATION, RACISM, and SEXISM. You stupid, stupid fools – transgender attention whores have always had a restroom and equal access. Ask survivors of sexual abuse and assault how we feel about strange creeps in dresses invading our restrooms? But you’re closeted misogynists, so you didn’t care to think your pseudo cause through, did you? You belittled the rights and welfare of women and children because in your self-righteous zeal you thought you were showing the interwebs what a great example of a human being you are. In reality, you are trash. Even a shock jock, gay, misogynist had the balls to state on Real Time that he wants little girls protected from men confused about their gender. And, libs, chew on this fact: Did you even notice trans using different bathrooms wasn’t a big deal until they made it a big deal – until they started announcing: “Hey, I have a penis under here!” Ever been to NOLA or Savannah, you idiots?

Whenever I have advocated for something, I’ve done the work. I spent Sunday afternoons for two years cleaning shit off of an animal sanctuary floor. Even your favorite misogynist – you know, that Gandhi guy who beat the shit out of his wife on a regular basis – told you to “be change.” Hey, libs, if one of your misogynist brethren said it, maybe you’ll get off that ass and do something instead of bitch.

Now, what am I going to do about the alt-left? I’m switching gears – I will spend the rest of my life dismantling the far left. I will verbally eviscerate every fallacious notion they shit out of their mouths and pull out of their ass. You see, grasshoppers, as I learn I share – in order to slay your devils, you must first name them. Consider them named – the alt-left. And another lesson learned today? Don’t fuck with me.