“The World Liberals Want”

A meme circulated last week regarding “the world liberals want.” It’s a tad hyperbolic, so I’ve found two photos better descriptive of the world the neo-left wants. The scary fact: it isn’t just the neo-left that wouldn’t mind the opposite day, gender mash-up below. When we live in a society where men are so emasculated, a society promoting women -mothers- fighting man-made wars of a (like it or not) male dominated society, this isn’t the solidification of women’s rights being recognized as human rights. It’s the everyone’s-an-equally-worthless-warm-body egalitarianism that intersectionality pimps out. Here’s my question for the science denying neo-left: When are men going to start having periods, getting fat and sick during pregnancy, and birthing babies?

No one should be worthless. And everyone should have the ability to choose their path within reason. It becomes unreasonable when society pushes propaganda to normalize gender-twisting and biology denying memes. You don’t encourage the separation of mother and young child – it’s not only a violation, it’s an aberration of humanity. You don’t expect women to act like men, unless you want to end the human race. You don’t emasculate men out of their biological roles of protector/provider unless you want women to be war machines as well as brood mares. And you don’t celebrate effeminized men for their liberal brand of misogyny.

Somewhere the movement of women’s rights, which begin protecting mother’s rights, was hijacked and replaced by the fringe extreme. Except they are not the fringe anymore. Intersectionality, or gender feminism, isn’t the same movement. It’s a Trojan Horse that carried in effeminate men, “egalitarians,” and LGBTQ angst. These groups were too small to get their own movement, and women historically are much better at standing up for others than for ourselves. In fact, it could be said that, as women, we are our own worst enemies. If you don’t like anything I’ve said, you won’t like my book, Power Whores and Female Patriarchs: Why Feminism Failed. And that’s just too bad for you.