Shame a single mother, especially one of my relations, and I go Scarlett on you.

*Note:  This was originally a Facebook rant.
Amber Geislinger

I have lectured on decorum for the 21st century, and I’m currently considering taking my phrase on as a title for another book after I complete my current project. You’ve seen me use a soft style of owning a man-bitch, and you’ve seen me use a hard style. One way of putting it comes from “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Verbal Self Defense”: When your “no” is ignored, boundaries crossed, and defamation of character committed, give’em hell. I am living proof it is possible to be well-spoken and give’em hell.

Yesterday was my Grandma’s 90th birthday party. Most of the family showed up in the reception room of her nursing home. As I’ve written about previously, my younger cousin is a single mother. She’s recently had a second child, and is currently in a relationship. However, she’s not married. And, frankly, it’s none of my business or anybody else’s if they should ever choose to get married. She’s a great mama, and she has the complete support of our entire family.

However, there’s this sanctimonious creep – the pastor at the Falkville United Methodist Church – who actually believes that he has a say in my cousin’s life. My cousin isn’t even a member of this church, but her grandparents (my aunt and uncle) were at one time. However, that has changed since this self-righteous, anti-motherhood, man-child of an attention whore decided to trash my cousin to her grandparents. The history of this little, rural town Alabama church is basically my family’s history. My grandparents built that damn church. And some piece of shit runs off their daughter and son-in-law by trash talking their great-granddaughter. Now, all ya’ll know it’s an understatement to say I’ve not a religious person. I abhor religion. And this bullshit is one of the very many reasons why. This atheist witch helps right wrongs, the human rights violations, committed by Bible-humping Christians.

I’ve written about this before on Facebook to emphasis the “Scarlet Letter” mentality of Christians – their denigration and demeaning of motherhood, specifically single mothers. Not only is this an insult to my family and my cousin, it’s the typical modus operandi of baby traffickers – see if you can collude the family around the expectant mother. Isolate her with zero support from loved ones, and the Stockholming begins… some rich infertile bitch or gay man gonna buy themselves a baby. But this didn’t happen with my family. My family built a mother-fucking church based on the enlightened doctrine of “the social gospel.” And my aunt and uncle, who are in poor health, left that church in response to the man-made judgement cast on their granddaughter.

Our family, like all others, may in-fight and bitch about each other. But we are family; we’re each other’s to bitch about – not anyone else’s. It’s just not the very visceral emotion of having my family attacked, especially a cousin I favored and doted on, but the belligerent entitlement of this brat adult. He actually believes he’s some kind of judge and jury in regards to my cousin. Judging is what Christians do. It’s their version of the scorpion’s sting. They not only believe in a sky-god, they play god. I imagine their imaginary friend wouldn’t take too kindly to them stepping all over his toes.

Today, I did a podcast on my YouTube channel, Southern Belle Humanism, with a new friend I met through fighting adoption trafficking. She’s so damn brave to share her story. It’s heart-wrenching. And, ironically, she provided proof of this entitled, trafficker mentality that pastors pimp out. See my post just previous to this one. Click on my link and fast forward to 14:00 on the video. Here she speaks of what her pastor, a man she thought was going to be in her corner, said to her: “My brother in North Carolina can’t have children.”

Was this the motive of this “Brother Bob”??? Did he have a family in mind to covet and steal my cousin’s baby while he attempted to gas-light my aunt and uncle about my cousin’s “salvation”??? If so, this is psychopathic. Why was he concerning himself with my cousin and her kids? To gain more warm bodies for his congregation? No doubt he’s aware organized religion is going the way of the dinosaurs in Western countries. Is he just mentally ill – schizophrenic – like most zealots? Is he jealous of public social programs that assist poor and/or single mothers because democratic socialism competes with his anti-mother religious charities? I don’t care, and it doesn’t matter. He crossed several lines in the 21st century. And he answered to me yesterday.

I waited until he left the party. I confronted him in the hall, outside the range of hearing. My dad knew what was up; he insisted on following us, trying to act like nothing was going down. And when I started in, my dad didn’t say one damn word to stop me. He knew better; I was in the right. This pastor, who is a veteran chaplin, was actually scared of me. He asked my dad to stay because he didn’t “want to get hurt.” That’s right; I’m tall. My nephilim genes intimidate even veterans. Those poor human males….

I was firm but questioning to the veracity of my second-hand information. He not only admitted it, he excused his creepy actions. That’s what Christians do. They always got some excuse for judging when their own damn deity and crappy book told them not to be judging. Hypocrisy is a Christian past-time. Well, you know what I did. I ripped that fucker not one, but several, new assholes. YOU DON’T FUCK WITH MY FAMILY. This is an example of when you should raise hell on a bitch.

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Morgot Elyse Inanna Tannous Good for you. This needs to be done a million times over.