My Mama named me Amber LaShea…

2009-10-12-1600-40Due to recent happenings, I think it is imperative that I make it very clear that the title of this blog is me; however, it is a name that is copyrighted to me:  Vesper Woolf. And, as I thought was clear and/or rather irrelevant, I have a YouTube channel:  Southern Belle Humanism. I showcase artists, writers, philosophers of all beliefs, and activists on my channel. The mission of my channel is pretty straight-forward – save my area of America, the American South.2009-10-13-1244-46


I am an advocate for women and children. I have also volunteered for animal rescue, primarily domestic cat and rabbit rescue. My husband and I are advocates for grassroots campaigns, as we were both delegates for Bernie Sanders, 2016. I have always taken up for the under-cat, standing up to any bully regardless of socioeconomic background. My parents remind me that I was the only child in kindergarten who said I would “find the owner of the dollar” if I found a dollar bill on the playground. And I was awarded the citizenship award of my third grade class in an elementary school of Farragut, Tennessee in the 1980s. I founded the neighborhood “Save the Animals Club” in the third grade, organizing a neighborhood protest as well as children’s newsletter.



Now, who is this Vesper Woolf….  Vesper Woolf is the name of my deceased cat. Vesper saved my life. In a nutshell, she attacked the ex who tried to kill me. I have known what is called domestic violence. I, also wired to be a responsible person but never the repeat victim, left that motherfucker. I may be the kindly Empath, but I am no doormat.

collage-scan004 (2)Speaking out and standing up for the voiceless is wired into my very American DNA. My maternal grandfather, Riley Harris, was in Germany for the “clean-up” after WWII; he never spoke of what he saw. My mother, Rosetta Harris, lived in Memphis at the time of the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. She attend the peace rally/memorial service for Dr. King. My paternal grandparents lived the walk. When Falkville, Alabama got it’s first black band director, and that was all controversial, they invited him and his family over for Sunday dinner.

Polly Winkles Holmes was a unique force to be 2009-10-12-1538-12reckoned with – outspoken and of strong convictions, she stood for women without the anti-feminine jargon of modern feminism. Along with the presidency of the Decatur League of Women Voters, grandma wrote commercials for satellite television in North Alabama. And she administrated assisted living communities. At her retirement party, a male friend stated that if she had been born a man, there is no telling what she would have accomplished. Grandma was also an avid quilter. She crocheted, knitted, china painted, and made clothes. Grandma also published our very own family cookbooks. She was a feminist before that was a label hijacked by nasty 3rd wave “intersectionality” feminists for their anti-femininity agenda. Polly knew that to be female and strong didn’t mean you had to emulate a man. She knew women should be honored and respected for what we do without emulating masculinity. Her family, the Winkles – Wesley Methodists, long left England for the New World. My grandparents were founders of the Falkville United Methodist Church.

I mistakenly thought that my message was more important than signing my name to every blog. However, due to recent events, some folks want to know who I am. So, here I am….  I am Amber LaShea Geislinger. I am a share-cropper’s granddaughter. I am of the land – descended, diluted blood of the Lakota and the Cherokee. My mama did not have running water until she was eight years old – and she is a youngster of the mid-century. My family’s – past and current – bloodlines are French, some kind of odd “German” that fled Germany before WWII, Cornish, English, Irish, and African American.

2009-10-12-1554-07My maiden name is Holmes. My paternal grandfather, Ernie Holmes, was a medic in WWII and an avid animal lover. He would give ya the shirt off his back – a true giver. My daddy, Ronald E. Holmes, is former Grand Knight of The Knights of Columbus, as well as several other prominent positions within the K of C. His daughter and son-in-law are humanist atheists. My husband, Dr. Brian Geislinger, is an award winning physicist.

My name is Amber LaShea Holmes Geislinger. And I was born to do this.