Generation Skank: The Lack of Values in Intersectional Feminism

First things first, I’ll explain my usage of the term “whore.” I do not call or consider escorts, sex-workers, adult film actors, exotic dancers, prostitutes, etc., “whores.” These are women working an honest profession that is misunderstood, often dangerous, and demonized. Personally, I think prostitution, just like drugs, should be legal so it can be regulated and safe. This would be a direct blow to human sex trafficking, just as legalizing drugs would ruin the drug lords.

How do I use the term? I use “whore” to refer to women who step on other girls and women. And I yes “whore” as a descriptor for women who conflate and confuse “women’s liberation” with promiscuity. These whores are not only giving it away for free, they’re trivializing sex in a world where kidnappings and sex trafficking is a very real horrifying danger.

Unfortunately, the conundrum of feminism, second and third waves, is the promiscuity issue. And by promiscuity, I do mean “free love” – the biggest hypocrisy feminism has ever espoused. And in this regard, second wave feminism is just as much of a failure as intersectionality. However, there are feminists who are completely anti-sex, especially heterosexual sex. The creepy rhetoric of these feminists declare outrageous fallacies, such as all heterosexual intercourse is rape.  Intersectional feminism, the third wave nonsense, promotes a bipolar attitude toward sex:  sex given away for free is good, yet sex exchanged or paid for under any circumstances, be it legal or illegal, is bad. This unhealthy dichotomy feminism pimps out is partly why the movement/ideology has failed girls and women.

And if that doesn’t make intersectional feminism creepy enough, as Emma Watson explained after being targeted by entitled SJW brats for her beautiful Beauty and The Best photo-shoot in Vanity Fair, “Feminism is not a stick with which to beat other women.” Females telling other females how to dress is where intersectional feminism colludes with Islamists to control and manipulate female bodies with gas-lighting dress codes. Ironically, the most promiscuous of feminists – the whores giving sex freely away left and right to prove their “liberation” – often have no fashion sense or class. Stirred by jealousy when they see a lovely, feminine lady, they start the gas-lighting:  if a woman is beautiful, and particularly a fashionista, she is a whore. Thus, my re-branding of the term, and my throwing it right back where it belongs – as a proper label for intersectional feminists, SJW sluts who also use people of color as their shield and mascot.

Promiscuity is a multi-generational thing. Boomers had their infamous “Summer of Love” back in 1969, and the yuppies and Gen-Xers had their big 80s excess. Now, the youngest of the Millennials and the oldest of Gen Z (kids in their teens and early twenties), are whores on call with hook-up apps like Tinder and social media. Every parent’s nightmare is something criminal happening to their child, such as kidnapping, murder, and/or rape. And kids today willingly put themselves in precarious meetings and situations with strangers.  The typical twenty-one year old college girl proves her feminist liberation by hooking up with strangers, boys met online as well as in the non-virtual world.

The hypocrisy of feminism’s dirty, little conundrum irritates me because I have friends in the adult entertain industry that catch hell from these feminist whores. The professionals I know are just living their lives and minding their own business, doing nothing to instigate such ire. The promiscuous feminists who harass and bully women for not giving away free sex, as in their brains unattached sex proves one’s liberation, are the very same judging judys who throw stones at escorts, exotic dancers/strippers, and film stars for making money. These same feminist whores attack married and monogamous women they label as “traditional” and conservative for not practicing “free love.”

In graduate school, there was one certain intersectional feminist who bragged about a “condom bowl” kept in her apartment. This was also the same feminist brat who would immaturely point and laugh at girls who dressed feminine and classy. You know the type – the intersectional feminist with the loud mouth, shorn hair, sporting pajamas with tacky flip-flops. This particular hypocrite whored around hard, but was ardently opposed to both monogamy and legalized prostitution. WTF.

Last summer, I hosted a French college student. It was a mistake. She fulfilled every negative stereotype regarding the French – rude, free-loading, dirty, and promiscuous. Folks actually commented to me, ” Wow. French women really are slutty.” She embodied the typical, young feminist today – whorish and hypocritically so. She professed to “hate pregnant women” in one of her tangents, yet expected her hosts to be okay with her hooking up with random strangers met on Tinder. For the record, no, she was not allowed to bring her conquests into our house. The vapid brat had never been told, “If you give the milk away for free, he won’t buy the cow.”

One former acquaintance, a woman who dresses in Ann Taylor and is completely career driven, believes that as long as she keeps her sex-for-free promiscuity under wraps, then she’s still classy. After a dinner where she made blatant plays for my engaged brother-in-law, I didn’t pull any punches in my lecture. I told her, “Acting like a high class whore is still acting like a whore.” And, yes, this particular woman harshly judges other women for their career choices, be the target of her judgement a housewife or a stripper.

Ironically, these girls who put out for free, or “date around” as they call it, often long for a story book romance. This are the same idiots who read Jane Austen, yet conduct themselves in the opposite manner conducive to finding such a gentleman as Mr. Darcy. They’re the same young women who envy the happy marriages of their friends. And they are the same hypocrites who would freely fuck a married man, yet condemn the same married man for partaking of escort services.

The mental fuckery of third wave feminism, which honestly started in second wave, has sold young girls a false product in the promiscuity-equals-liberation fallacy. I don’t buy the “wait until marriage” religious crap, as that got yours truly in a previous domestic violence marriage. However, disrespecting and degrading yourself with a promiscuous, “free love” lifestyle is unhealthy, dangerous, and cheap. What girls are not taught – it’s about a healthy balance. Vitamin C is essential, however, too much is toxic. A puritanical approach to sex is just as harmful and damaging as the libertine. Lacking self-respect and discipline isn’t liberating; it’s just trashy.

20170829_072434What can combat feminism’s horrible fallacy? For a start, sex education in schools for both girls and boys. But then you have the other extreme to contend with – the religious nuts. An older woman told me once in my twenties, “I wouldn’t drive a car without buying it.” She, of course was referring to premartial sex. I couldn’t agree more. And I will add, I’ll test dive the car, but I’m not putting any extra gasoline in the tank. Don’t be a prude. Don’t be a whore. Both extreme mindsets are controlling and potentially volatile. Young girls, don’t let a group of bitter women use you as their patsy, control you, manipulate you, or kill your self-respect and worth. And for Christ’s sake, don’t post public pictures of yourself with your mouth cocked open like you’re catching dick.