A Feminist No Longer

Before college, I wrestled with the term “feminist,” as second wave feminism had barely hit my home – the American South. My forward-thinking family members didn’t embrace the term despite being pro-woman. I didn’t understand why. But I came to understand when I realized it is women, not men, who cause girls and women the most heartache and trauma. There’s more female-on-female violence, be it mental/psychological or physical, that goes unreported than unreported male-on-female. Whether it’s dangerous cultural “hen-pecking orders” that incorporate barbaric practices such as female genital mutilation, or for-profit private adoptions driven by women of means coveting children of the poor and marginalized, women are womankind’s own worst enemy.

I once clarified I was “second wave” in a feminist sense, yet second wave feminism ushered in a lot of toxic attacks on femininity, motherhood, heterosexual sex, and privacy. Second wave feminism created the “supermom” syndrome that has now trapped women economically with no maternity leave or support. It resulted in making women dependent on menial jobs instead of husbands. And the few women who went on to “break a glass ceiling” built glass ceilings back over marginalized and disenfranchised women. Poor women, of all ethnic backgrounds, have been enslaved by the entitlement and whims of wealthy women.

What is called “first wave” fought for the vote, mother’s rights, to own property and your own resources, education, and women’s health issues. The only good thing that second wave feminism accomplished was furthering reproductive rights. That’s it. And this is why I once identified as a second wave feminist. However, I cannot ignore the rabid fringe, such as the “separatists” and entitled limousine liberals. Second wave paved the way for the Trojan horse that would hijack the entire movement – Intersectionality, otherwise known as third wave feminism.

I have been the target of gas-lighting intersectional feminists since undergraduate at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. Long story short – I founded a women’s organization, supported by the Chancellor and Dean of Students – “old, white guys,” with the goals of providing housing for single mothers and young families, and a women’s health clinic. What did the 3rd wavers care about? Hosting “The Vagina Monologues” and decorating the cafeteria with self-portraits of their vaginas. I am not kidding. Yes, that happened.

I, in hindsight, was so terribly wrong. I thought intersectionality was just a fad, a silly fringe phase. Still refusing to allow a rabid pack of man-hating, pajama wearing, smelly freaks to hijack the term feminist, I considered myself an anti-feminist feminist in graduate school, and coined the term classical feminism in my thirties. However, now I am preferring to identify as a historical feminist. The schisms in second wave may have made the label/term “feminist,” and perhaps the very movement itself, completely unrecoverable. I wasn’t going to let 3rd wave intersectionalists take the word, but they had already stolen it.

In a world where females are treated as property and incubators, and girls are physically attacked for attending school, it sounded blasphemous to declare “I’m not a feminist.” But feminism is not a movement concerned with making women’s rights human rights. It is a LGBTQ-whatever movement that fronts as pro-woman. Intersectionality uses women of color as shields and mascots while patronizing poor women, claiming to know what is best for the poor and the children in poverty.

I was deemed too attractive to be a feminist by feminists in both undergrad and graduate school. It wasn’t so much the males that obsessed over my looks – it was females. And if a male said half the things to me that other women have said, it would be considered sexual harassment. But women got a pass for commenting on my waistline, my breasts, my hair, the way I dressed, etc. And here’s the biggest fail for these feminists:  at the time, I was in a very, very bad marriage. While I was escaping a domestic situation, the very feminists who claim to be all about women’s rights made fun of my skinny jeans and sun dresses, labeling me a “conservative” because I dressed neatly, and I did not smell like a wet, used tampon.

I care about what happens to young girls, but I am not about to do some finger-pointing at people who have no blame in the human rights violations of girls. The everyday “cis” hetero guy isn’t out to intentionally hurt girls. And heterosexual, “cis,” white males are not to blame for what their great grandfathers may have done. This kind of demonizing is witch-hunting. And as a witch, I’m so not down with that. Intersectional feminism not only killed the woman’s rights movement, it created its own boogeyman, or dark mirror – the neomisogyny hate group that is “MRA.” When you lash out in hatred to tar and feather, hatred is what you will receive in return.

My activism of the last two years fighting adoption trafficking – the for-profit, private, newborn adoption industry – has solidified the reality that feminism is no longer a movement that is concerned with the well-being, health, and rights of girls and women. It is largely conservative organizations, religious groups, private attorneys and agencies doing the baby-selling, exploiting impoverished and/or single mothers via “pregnancy crisis” centers.  But it is increasingly the liberal women of wealth and privilege doing the purchasing along with their gay and trans besties.

Intersectionalists want adoption and surrogacy available for their sociopathic convenience; they want someone else to endure the pains of pregnancy and childbirth while they focus on their careers. And this, folks, is evil. A choice is not a choice when it is the only option, and when coercion is the driving impetus. Adoption is not a reproductive right; no infertile/wealthy woman or LGBT has a right to the uterus, vagina, and baby of a girl or woman. This is exactly what present-day feminists ignore:  YOU DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO TELL A GIRL OR WOMAN WHAT TO DO JUST BECAUSE YOU HAVE A VAGINA. YOU DO NOT HAVE A RIGHT TO ANOTHER WOMAN’S CHILD.

My involvement (Southern Belle Humanism) in exposing adoption trafficking lead to yours truly being named along with several huge media outlets in a SLAPP suit. I took on a human rights violation while intersectionalists focused on video games, graphics on t-shirts, private conversations in elevators, man-spreading, and bathrooms. And therein lies the difference between activism and bitching just to be heard.

Recently, the entire movement of feminism has been devoured by intersectionality. Any lady that doesn’t define herself by the prescribed tenets of modern feminism is targeted, bullied, and demonized. The attention whores of intersectionality even went after Emma Watson, feminism’s golden girl, who responded:  “Feminism is not a stick with which to beat other women.” Actually, it is. Watson is not the first beautiful, successful, and adored-by-men lady that feminists have viciously attacked. The gas-lighting “Everyday Feminism” has made it their personal goal to take down Taylor Swift. Beyonce and Lana Del Rey have also caught the jealous eye of feminists, as well as Matt Taylor – the astrophysicist who scored one for the history books by landing a probe on a moving comet. Yep. History was made and feminism bitched.

Yes, these rabid, “intersectional” attention whores have attacked me as well. One of the ugliest attacks I’ve seen was on a public forum on Facebook, a women’s health page. Myself, and other women, were discussing cancer and fibroid tumors. (My mother is a breast cancer survivor; and I had a myomectomy, removing fibroid tumors from my uterus, in 2013.) A couple transgenders trolled the page, cry-bullying that we “cis” women were “transphobic” for calling our uterus a female sex organ. Yes, that happened. Transgenders will insert themselves into a women’s health/support group, that has absolutely nothing to do with their issues, to bitch and cry-bully.

How do I handle these attention whores when they rear their rather unfortunate-looking heads? I post a bonafide human rights violation involving girls and women, then I ask them for help. Actual, legitimate issues I have posted/tweeted to them:  the ever-rising U.S. maternal mortality rate, forced adoptions/adoption trafficking through private agencies and charities, and conditions that concern marginalized women in poor regions of the United States. For example, Gadsden – one of our towns in Alabama, is the worst place to be female in the United States. How do intersectionalists, transgenders, and other feminist attention whores react? They cuss me out, or go completely silent.

Ironically, feminists still use a word from the root word “feminine.” These femininity-hating freak-shows attack stay-at-home mommies, feminine women, classical liberals, centrists, housewives, “pretty” girls, and “basic bitches” as vehemently as they do their avowed enemies. Intersectional feminism pimps out its fallacious brand of science-denying egalitarianism where everyone is equally worthless, claiming women must emulate men in order to attain rights. Simultaneously, modern feminism emasculates men, telling boys and men that their gender is “socially constructed” and “offensive.” And whenever a woman bullies another woman, they whore out the excuse:  “The patriarchy made her do it!” Intersectionality looks to eradicate “the patriarchy” so they can be the patriarchy. This is their endgame.

My experience with feminism, and my own coming to terms with the label, movement, and the abuses I have witnessed women commit against girls and less fortunate women, has evolved into my catharsis. I’m writing a collection of essays, Attention Whores & Female Patriarchs: Why Feminism Failed, that is due out late fall/next year. Due to the SLAPP suit, my book may be delayed. The world does need feminism, a women’s rights movement, because females face specific challenges, cruelties, and injustices based on our biology. Originally, the women’s rights movement that evolved into feminism was founded by women and men with the goal of protecting, respecting, and honoring women and everything our bodies do. Now, third wave feminism wants women exposed, desexed, and devalued. Just like the wind, the Trojan horse that hijacked feminism has done come and gone. And in its wake, it drags the bloated corpse of feminism.

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