Power Whores Galore

I have incessantly said to former associates of every extreme angle and bent who got all proud and put that ass up on their shoulders: There are those looking to offend, and those looking to be offended. When you take up the mantle of an extreme, a rabid group-think arguing ideology and philosophy, you often become exactly what you loath in the other side. You become the dark mirror opposite. The fact that some academic contemporaries of ours prefer to ejaculate all up on the internet about really stupid shit – bathrooms, gender studies, argue about women in STEM, video games, and whose wearing the most offensively politically incorrect t-shirt – is exactly why my great granddaddy called such folks “educated idiots.”  These idiots don’t accomplish a damn thing. No human rights violation is addressed. They just bitch and fight, driving each other further and further into the black abyss of their radical groupminds.

Now, let me clarify the usage in my lexicon of the term whore for the particularly dense reader, including those looking to pull out some logical fallacies. Take yourself to my previous blog post: Generation Skank, or just get the point here:

I’ll explain my usage of the term “whore.” I do not call or consider escorts, sex-workers, adult film actors, exotic dancers, prostitutes, etc., “whores.” These are women working an honest profession that is misunderstood, often dangerous, and demonized. Personally, I think prostitution, just like drugs, should be legal so it can be regulated and safe. This would be a direct blow to human sex trafficking, just as legalizing drugs would ruin the drug lords.

How do I use the term? I use “whore” to refer to women who step on other girls and women. And I yes “whore” as a descriptor for women who conflate and confuse “women’s liberation” with promiscuity.

A power whore is a particularly pernicious woman of means, power, and influence. Either she’s been born into it, or she’s succeeded in stepping on other women to gain power, privilege, wealth, attention/celebrity. Such dudegirls believe they’ve made some elitist position of honorary member, being one of the few females, accepted into the boys’ club of life. These are the women who abuse and use other women. They brag about breaking glass ceilings while building glass ceilings back over other women. And they are the dudegirls of dudebro culture, both of conservative and liberal extremes, talking down and negating their own sex.

As previously stated, they are out to offend and emotionally terrorize other girls and women. Fancying themselves to be bold Athenas sprung from their daddy’s brains, this certain type of skank pedestalizes the father and ignores, or even trashes, the mother. They have an intense hatred for female biology, and will talk at great length about how they find the female body disgusting. (Yes. I know. These power whores are potentially latent.) Power whores of the dudebro ilk often trivialize pregnancy and childbirth, disregard and disrespect motherhood, even deny the statistics – you know, the FACTS – regarding maternal mortality rates. And no, this isn’t just the creepy man-pig-women creatures I’ve seen going hysterical on Twitter – power whores have always haunted human societies. In my forthcoming collection of essays, my thesis is that power whores and the patriarchal institutions they manipulate and utilize are the reasons feminism is largely a failure.

Power whores can and do fall on either side of the proverbial political fence. If you’re a leftist, you’ll find them in intersectional feminist/LGBT-whatever circles and among the ranks of limousine liberals and social justice warriors. (I refer to social justice warriors as attention whores, a lesser species of whore in the urban jungles.) Leftist power whores tend to look to be offended, usually sporting pseudo victim narratives. When confronted for their abuse of girls and women, these left-leaning power whores cry-bully and pimp out pseudo victim narratives, a typical response for a sociopath. (e.g. A white-bred limousine liberal power whore who believes she is entitled to the baby from a woman of lower class, less education, or different culture.)

Conservative power whores are infamously represented by rabid GOP gals sporting brassy, fried blond hair that glows slighting orange in camera light, a peculiar and artificial shade that is not found in nature. The irony of their bad dye job is that they are the first to judge/discriminate against a hip, young girl with blue, pink, or green hair. Pot meet kettle. And that’s the tell-tale sign of a conservative power whore – hypocrisy. Conservative power whores believe they are exceptions to the rest of womankind. They fancy themselves overlords over the rest of us females. You’ll find this type of sociopath in professions that are traditionally male, as well as fields dominated by women that usually target girls and women, such as social work and nursing. And when a lady stands up to them, dudegirl power whores go into pseudo victim mode and whine about how “rude” it is to call them on their bullshit. Their preoccupation with lording over other females while pandering to men and patriarchal traditions is why I coined the term female patriarch especially for them. What more of that? Click here: Female Patriarchs, Pt.I

That’s not to say that lefty power whores don’t pursue non-traditional professions. They’re often the ones to gloat about breaking some glass ceiling. To the alt-leftists, girls and women must denounce their gender, their femininity, to achieve their full set of human rights. Liberal power whores gas-light, dilute, and abuse the notion of equality to legislate requiring girls register for Selective Services, renaming maternity leave “family leave,” science denying basic human biology and sex, and claiming offense over the use of the term “pregnant women” and pronouns.

Conservative women have a fascist streak as well. Just like leftists, they instruct young girls that they should emulate men, or at least masculine traits, if they expect to have any rights. Here’s the thing both breeds of power whores don’t get – human rights are inherent. You don’t get to vote on them, hand them out according to some social merit system, or withhold them because the next lady is prettier than you. And for the rightist power whores who fancy men to be the “logical” ones, go enroll your ass in a collegiate course in logic. It’s categorized under a fave of yours – philosophy.

write your storyIntersectionalists can’t go around blaming some patriarchy for injustices and historical oppression when they refuse to acknowledge the sordid history of female on female oppression and violation. In the South, folks giggle and dismiss it as a “hen-pecking order” which led me to coin a more apt phrase, The Daughter-in-Law Effect. Men bare responsibility for rolling their eyes and muttering “cat fight” when one of these self-appointed female patriarchs is called out. Men either belittle or ignore female on female abuse when this is the tool needed to dismantle intersectional feminism.

Women – especially feminists – ignore this twisted culture of women because it’s easier to say, “The patriarchy made them do it!” Correction: Female sociopaths and/or power whores used the patriarchy as a means to justify their crimes. Need some examples? The Magdalene Asylums. “Maternity homes” in the mid-century. The mutilation of young girls by older women in Africa. The untold cases of sexual abuse of young girls by women. And the human rights issue I am fighting – adoption trafficking. (Human trafficking is given a pass when wealthy, white women do it to procure themselves a newborn.)

And due to the SLAPP suit targeting human rights activism in which I am named – the only individual named – with several big media entities, my collection of essays has been postponed until later next year. Instead of writing just a bunch of theory, I’m telling my story – my experiences. And considering I looked like a Victoria Secret model in my twenties, I’m here to say that it wasn’t men that demeaned, “slut shamed,” and sabotaged my studies and career. It was by and large women.

Yes, the globe still needs a women’s rights movement. But it’s not feminism. If I wrote this two year old blog post today, Yes, We Need Feminism, I would say “women’s rights movement” instead of “feminism.” Feminism is a much put-on and, therefore, diluted word best left to the history books. Because of the last thirty years of feminism, the label is not worth retrieving.

And yet, unlike the dudegirls of new atheism and conservatism, I didn’t become anti-woman, or anti-motherhood. I did not allow the ugliness of humanity to change me for the worse. I grew up and became the older woman I needed in my girlhood as a role model. When I see some wannabe female patriarch bullying, I speak up. What’s the simplest way to slay a vampire? Drag it into the light. Be a light-bringer, not a light taker.  And never stop fighting the red queens.