#MeToo: Hijacked by Rabid Feminists… Anyone Surprised?

Last week, my state – Alabama – held a special Senate election. And the entire world watched. Doug Jones, prosecutor of the 1963 16th Baptist Church bombing, won over the child predator Roy Moore. My husband and I got up early and voted to save the rest of America from the influence of Alabama’s infamous resident racist misogynist. Roy Moore, a creepy evangelical, pulled support from counties it’s best to just drive through:  St. Claire County and Cullman County, the latter was the seat of the KKK for decades.

I support the women who have spoken out and tweeted #MeToo. Yes, it’s a gutsy thing to take up for yourself. And let me tell you how that went for me just over a decade again in a small college town in Alabama:  It didn’t. I was passive-aggressively threatened by the administration, primarily the office of Human Resources and its Director. Here’s the twist present day feminists don’t want you to know — the Director of Human Resources was a woman. And she not only covered up my report/case, she threatened me. In fact, the college threatened to withhold my degree.

The English Department, with the exception of a couple instructors, stood by the perverted dumb-ass who not only called my apartment but the home of my soon-to-be ex-husband, to ask me to “have sex with” him. And my ex-husband, still thinking of me as his wife, threatened to shoot up the school if I didn’t file a report. This was the same year as the Virginia Tech massacre.

As I’ve written before, the third wave feminists demonized me as “conservative” because I wasn’t promiscuous according to their “rules” of when sex is okay. (Remember, the only good sex to a third waver is sex given away for free. These feminists hate escorts, models, and any woman that owns and monetizes her sexuality.) It didn’t matter that my ex-marriage was very dangerous, or that I was nice to everyone and defused situations with logic and decorum. I was beautiful. Therefore, in their eyes, I “deserved” and even “asked” to be harassed.

Thanks to the #MeToo movement, intersectional attention whores are coming out of the woodwork to cry-bully false equivalencies. Any person, especially a man, who debunks their fallacious claims is verbally eviscerated. Equating rape – any form of rape – and child molestation with sexual harassment isn’t just improper and incorrect, it’s a narcissistic, irrational, and gas-lighting. Conflating someone verbally harassing a woman with the crimes of a sexual predator is gross. And this is an example of how intersectional feminism uses victims as shields and props. When the attention whores of third wave cry wolf at the expense of victims, they too often invalidate victims.

I am here to state that third wave feminism not only ignored but condoned what happened to me. Women covered up my complaint and threatened me. And they didn’t just do it to protect the pervert. They did it to save face for the university, and because I was an attractive young lady.

Here’s the young lady intersectional feminism not only failed but hurt: