Toxic Liberalism & the Paternalistic Approach to Poverty


Classical liberal. Neoliberal. Limousine Liberal. Progressive. There’s very little difference between these categories of liberals.

Leftist. Alt-left. Social Justice Warrior. Cultural Warrior. There’s no difference between these brands of liberalism.

Google images and reports of “Antifa.” The pictures chillingly resemble ISIS. Self-proclaimed “anti-fascists” consisting of bands of first world brats under the age of thirty behave as the very thing they profess to oppose – fascists. They target anyone who disagrees with them on any and every topic.

antifaThe Right and Left have both been guilty of telling us – We the People – how we should think and behave. However, the Left’s assault on free speech, pseudo victim narratives, elitist paternalism towards the poor, second, and third worlds, and witch-hunting of any and every person who has a differing opinion, makes the Left a bigger threat than the Right.

The Left’s ideology, from classical liberals to antifa fascists, is based on a progressive stack. Until 2015, I’d never heard the term. And I thought myself a liberal, especially considering the region of the United States in which I live – The American South. What’s a progressive stack? The favoring of historically oppressed voices. Liberals want everyone to have their “turn.” This is one reason they attack what they label “traditional” values and personal lifestyle choices, what they call “cis” white males, and anyone from an ethnic background they deem “privileged” because of skin pigmentation.

My mother’s DNA is largely European. (She recently took a DNA test; she’s roughly two percent Native American and West African.) My grandfather was a share-cropper. As an American solider in WWII, he was in Europe for the clean-up of the concentration camps after the war. My mother grew up in extreme poverty in the American South. Her family didn’t have running water until she was eight years old. Unlike her baby boomer contemporaries, she didn’t have the idyllic mid-century childhood. According to liberal (il)logic, my mother’s family would have been “privileged” for being what she recounts they were called, “poor white trash.”

Here’s the very thing liberals of every ilk need to learn:  No one is guaranteed a “turn” at being a classist elitist monster. You don’t get to vote on human rights. Human rights are inherent. The notion of a progressive stack builds a hen-pecking order and creates pseudo victim narratives. Thanks to toxic liberalism, a near entire generation is corrupted by the “everyone gets a trophy” mentality while everyone vies for who has the best victim narrative. It’s easy to control fearful victims. It’s not so easy to control free-thinkers and free-spirits.

Why the war on free speech? Is lowest common denominator egalitarianism the endgame for liberals? A society where everyone is equally worthless? A nanny state of bread lines and plantations? Is this why current liberalism celebrates victimhood?

Want an excuse to receive good grades instead of work for them? Claim to have a “learning disability.” Have a great white savior complex? Be a keyboard warrior and police what words people can and can’t use. Need to up your martyr status? Scream #MeToo about that time a guy awkwardly asked you out for a coffee.

Today, it’s liberals telling people how to live their lives. They’ve taken a page right out of the evangelical playbook – they preach, and they preach down to all. Their addiction to sanctimony and paternalism is reflected in the broken welfare system of the United States. The Left is evangelical in their current social programs. By keeping people in their place with punitive welfare programs and treating the poor like special needs children, limousine liberals can maintain their status quo. They keep the poor in their place – on plantations of Section 8 housing and rural trailer parks – whilst looking down from mansions and ivory towers.

barbie_0Liberals are addicted to the warm, fuzzy, self-righteous feeling of playing white savior, especially in the international arena. It feeds their ego to look down on the less fortunate – the poor and the disenfranchised. I’ve seen this savior complex in activists, teachers, philosophers, philanthropists, atheists and religious liberals alike. The ego of the Left feeds into a broken, punitive system that punishes the poor and marginalized with dependency. It attacks the family units of the poor, victimizing mothers and children with the threat of adoption trafficking all because of poverty. Let’s move away from the drama that the Left stirs with their “thought crimes” and first world problems, and address the root of human rights issues:  poverty.


How do we address poverty?

First, we have to recognize that paternalism doesn’t work. And that it’s liberals and their non-governmental organizations, as well as evangelical charities, addicted to the warm, fuzzy, self-righteous feeling they get when people go crawling to them for help. Current welfare programs are so broken that they strip people of their dignity – it’s a type of shaming to keep the poor dependent and impoverished. And keeping the poor marginalized, disenfranchised, and especially visible in shoddy housing projects, food stamps, and food banks, the Left has a visible lower caste to pat themselves on the back for taking care of as if they were herd animals.

Basic income is a potential answer to addressing basic needs and welfare states. My video podcast with Scott Santens on Southern Belle Humanism clarifies universal basic income. A very simple explanation of how I describe basic income – rain water cycle capitalism. It’s a cash flow that’s not created by and dependent upon bankers and banks. But it’s also a sort of natural democratic socialism. And, no, communists don’t like universal basic income because it involves cash. And, to communists, that reeks of capitalism. Instead of the government distributing subpar food via bread lines and food banks, basic income gives citizens a baseline of cash to cover basic living expenses. Everyone goes to their local farmer’s market, deli, grocery store, etc. and purchases food. Perhaps universal basic income and universal basic healthcare are solutions to fix a broken system in western countries like the United States? But the egos of politicians who’ve touted a broken system throughout their careers don’t like to be wrong.

The global aid system today is directly reflective of the paternalistic approach towards poverty. Charity is a profit making industry reflective of colonial governance. Across the globe, the Left profits from its business of giving and selling aid to the impoverished. Local economies, small businesses, suffer when free aid is haphazardly dumped on second and third world countries. And celebrities get hipper with every philanthropy campaign, and every foreign child they collect from his/her family and home.

To quote the documentary Poverty, Inc., “No country becomes a first world country on aid. Aid leads to more aid and less independence.” This elucidating documentary addresses the human rights violation that I’ve repeatedly exposed – adoption trafficking. Sharon Clay and her husband realized they were paying an adoption agency twenty thousand dollars to adopt a child that his mother wanted. After the earthquake, Haitians were wooed by non-governmental organizations/adoption agencies with clean, safe orphanages to house their kids. These “charities” and profit-turning agencies manipulated and shamed homeless Haitians out of their young children all because a natural disaster and the current punitive paternalistic approach to global aid.

Adoption trafficking occurs on every continent. But the Clay family not only changed their outlook, they founded a business building up a local economy for mothers at risk of losing their babies. The Clay’s wisdom: “It’s broken and not right that a kid would grow up without parents. That’s the very same thing that influences us to say, ‘Don’t get involved with orphanages and adoptions that separates kids from their parents.’ Giving power to the parents is exponential in how many kids you can help.”

Will liberals cease their silly cultural warrior nonsense and address human rights issues and violations? Probably not. That would mean they’d have to do some work. I’ll end with two quotes from Poverty, Inc.:

“The social fact situates the poor as ‘the other’ – as objects of charity, rather than as the subject, the active protagonists of their own development.”  ~Emile Durkinde

“The reason there will be no change is because the people who stand to lose from change have all the power. People who stand to gain from change have none of the power.” ~Niccolò Machiavelli