The State of Alabama is still selling people.

The state of Alabama is still selling people. How? It’s called “pre-birth consent.” Pre-birth consent is a legal agreement: a pregnant woman signs over her in utero baby to a person/couple. The mother signs the consent form during any trimester in her pregnancy, relinquishing her baby for adoption when it is still in the embryo or fetus stage. Legally, she actually has no say in who gets her child, even though she is assured she can pick the adopters. Pre-birth consent allows for a private adoption agency and/or attorney to sell her child to adopters for their broker fees, legal costs, and supposed “living expenses” for the mother. Yes, technically, this is selling fetuses – the same allegations that got Planned Parenthood into trouble.

NOTE:  These are for-profit adoptions – these are not DHR/CPS cases. In fact, such public agencies and departments – social services – are kept out of the private business of adoption thanks to adoption law, and colluding adoption attorneys, judges, and wealthy adopters.

Adoption is coerced on mothers through pregnancy “crisis” centers when a women is in the most vulnerable state of her life – pregnancy. These pregnant mothers have no legal representation of their own. They are often told that pre-birth consent is only preliminary paperwork. However, this consent form can hold up in court as final adoption papers at a judge’s discretion, or if the mother doesn’t properly rescind her consent by filing specific forms through the correct court. One Alabama mother actually lost custody of her baby after she rescinded her consent because of one technicality – she filed the form in Circuit Court, not Probate Court.

How does that happen? These mothers are unrepresented. No one has the mother’s interests. The attorneys are paid by adopters, thus an attorney has his client’s best interest – not the mother’s. The sociopaths who peddle these contracts target poor and single women. No woman should sign any legally binding paperwork while pregnant and/or up to a year after birth. Pregnancy, as well as post-pregnancy, is a natural state of hormonal crisis. Women in physical/hormonal crisis should not be presented and pressured with decisions that will impact the rest of their lives.

Contracts on human life should not be allowed. Period. It is disgusting and sad we have to argue this in the 21st century. These contracts regulate mothers to the status of brood mares. What kind of archaic practices are we, as a society, going to further allow? Indentured servitude? We already see this in the form of surrogacy, which is often a “service” also provided by these private adoption agencies, such as Adoption Rocks of Mobile, Alabama.

Pre-birth consent is legal in two states. Alabama is one of those two states. This legislation must change:  2009 Alabama Code Title 26 — INFANTS AND INCOMPETENTS. Chapter 10A — ALABAMA ADOPTION CODE. Section 26-10A-11 Consent or relinquishment.

This is the pre-birth consent form: 2009 Alabama Code Title 26 — INFANTS AND INCOMPETENTS. Chapter 10A — ALABAMA ADOPTION CODE. Section 26-10A-12 Persons who may take consent or relinquishments; forms.

In the 21st century, do we really want to argue that a contract is a contract when it involves money in exchange for human life? When impoverished and disenfranchised women are used to procure babies for the wealthy? This is the definition of human trafficking. And, historically, it is slavery. We should all be appalled that anyone would argue a mother’s rights to her baby comes down to a piece of paper she signed while under duress. Pregnancy is a natural state of hormonal crisis. No one should be asked, coerced, or prompted to make decisions, or sign away their rights, when in any state of crisis – be it hormonal/physical, emotional, financial, or social crisis.

Planned Parenthood faced allegations, and legal consequences of those allegations, for supposedly selling fetal tissue and body parts. Why are adoption agencies, adoption attorneys, private-for-hire social workers, and pregnancy crisis centers not facing the consequences for selling fetal tissue and babies? Because, as my dad often says, “money talks, bullshit walks.” Those with money and power can and do buy anything – even human wombs and human beings.