Male Feminists: The Pinnacle of Failure

He’s that guy – that guy we, back in the 1990s, called an “art fag” because this specimen often pretended to be gay to get laid. Yep, that was such a thing that even a comedy was made about it. These are the creeps who often have more female friends than male – an insanely high number of female friends. Often, the male feminist is genuinely mistaken as queer, in all meanings of that word, due of his penchant for acting like a director in his own soap opera.

There’s not necessarily a look, though male feminists do tend to buy into fashion trends. The especially really lame ones like skinny jeans. Sometimes a male feminist is actually military, claiming how “hot” it is to see women empowered by shorn hair and imitating the most extreme example of masculinity. He waxes poetically about how G.I. Jane is his favorite movie, while asserting the male feminists’ (and U.S. military’s) well-worn NTS fallacy: “true equality” means drafting women. That’s right. They want even nursing mothers, such as Spc. Alexis Hutchinson, serving and leaving their babies behind. These men are sick. And they are failures as men.

Lacking the natural impulse to protect women, children, and anyone physically weaker, male feminists are an aberrant of nature. Instead of repealing the Selective Service Act of 1917, abolishing an archaic and cruel law, their modus operandi is to make everyone as equally worthless. No one should be worthless. But according to Intersectionality, the religion of the male feminist, everyone is equally worthless. After all, modern feminism sprang out of communism – not democratic socialism. (Just like the Right, the Left confuses and conflates these two political philosophies to keep folks confused and emotionally hijacked. Social security is socialism. Breadlines and concrete housing blocks with assigned roommates is communism.)

Male feminists have learned how to manipulate feminism and the jargon of “equal rights” to be lazy bums with forever childhoods. What wonderful covert misogynists! The male feminists advocate for “family leave” regarding maternity leave. That’s right – they’re offended by the term “maternity leave.” They even want “paternity leave” so they can lay up in bed and pretend like they just gave birth. These men trivialize the most dangerous time and act of female biology with their creepy issues. (womb envy)  We all know what this really is – they wanna play video games or golf – be a kept man instead of a provider. They want their super-mommy! Maybe this is one reason you never hear feminists address the shockingly high maternal mortality rates, adoption trafficking, and surrogacy? The movement is so hijacked by insane narcissists and sociopaths with their own agendas.

Holy+s___+i+know+that+the+whole+feminism+cringe+crap+gets_459aac_5210105The male feminists may seem like an echo for the imagined matriarchy they envision, but watch them target any lady who doesn’t blindly follow the groupmind, the cult of intersectional feminism. They either go full on abusive, or act womanishly passive-aggressive. They cry-bully like a female. But it’s not women who are their main targets. It’s men – masculine, hetero, “cis,” males.

Patriarch is a neutral word. I’ve used it every which way that it can be used. And whether you like it or not, the world is a patriarchy. In some instances, it’s a very bad patriarchy. In others, not so bad at all. And patriarch can also mean the man who gets up every morning and goes to work “bread-winning” for his family. The father who teaches his kids how to drive, and the husband who keeps the oil changed and lawn mowed. These are the men feminists want obsolete. Why else don headscarves whilst character assassinating the very builders of Western Civilization?

(Wanna offend post modern feminists, new atheists, egalitarians, transgenders, and everyone under the age of thirty? Use the word patriarchy in a sentence.)

The entertainment industry – Hollywood – has done a great job of making everyday people, especially men, look ignorant, banal, and bigoted. Consider how the trade school fields, from plumbing to welding, have been trivialized and belittled. Construction workers are some of the least appreciated, yet they provide one of our basic needs – shelter. These professions are stereotyped as crude, only for the mentally slow and base. Often, plumbers are depicted as oafish. Maybe since Hollywood fancies artisans and trades as jobs regulated to the ignorant, they should set their own toilets?

Male feminists have their own agenda. Whether it’s being a couch potato, or pretending to be a woman, these creeps are ultimately misandrists. Yes, they’re anti-feminine women, but it’s ultimately the traditional man they’re after. In order to validate their brand of utopian, body dysmorphic society, they have to invalidate and demonize what they are not – men.

“Men have sacrificed and crippled themselves physically and emotionally to feed, house, and protect women and children. None of their pain or achievement is registered in feminist rhetoric, which portrays men as oppressive and callous exploiters.” ~ Camille Paglia

There is a dark side to historic feminism that started in second wave feminism in the mid-century. Yes, it was fringe. But this fringe is what morphed into third wave. I mistakenly thought the label “feminist” could be saved. After all, feminism originally meant women aren’t property, women’s rights are human rights. But the rabid frothing of present-day feminism has caused at least two vicious backlashes: “MRAs” and “incels.” Yes, these factions are bad. But gender/intersectional feminists have only themselves to blame. You spew out hate, and hate you shall receive. Intersectionality and/or gender feminism is getting its payback. Karma is an interesting thing to watch unfold.

Feminism is not about women’s health, eradicating FGM, or educating young girls in the East. Feminism is about erasing men, erasing masculinity. It’s about women becoming men, and men becoming women. And if you fancy that’s hyperbole, google “bronies.”